New around here =)

As salam alaiukum,

I am Spanish young lady living in Denmark. I just came back from Morocco, the place that gives me the most precious peace, where I have been teaching Spanish in a little town in valley of the river Draâ, in the Souss-Massa-Draâ region.
I have always felt a special connexion with the Arabic-Muslim universe, especially with the North of Africa, since I come from the South of Spain, old Al-Alandalus, and I feel we share a common history and culture. I have many friends from different places in Morocco, but I just love the accent down in the South, with that Berber singy touch.
Until now I had studied some classic Arabic, but now, although I intend to continue with my Arabic studies as soon as I can (I am quite busy at the moment), I feel the urge to get to know Darija more deeply, and here I am!

Oh and by the way, ramadan kareem :smiley: Read you around :wink:


hola Najma

¡bienvenida! :smiley:

well you’re right, we do share history and culture, arabs left their marks behind them in south of spain and arab architectural heritage is found everywhere, just look to the beautiful city of Granada.

we’ll be more than glad to help you learning Darija

see you around

Thanks for your welcoming!

I’ve gone through the material on Darija on this site and it is really useful. Thanks a lot for making it possible for us to keep learning from anywhere we are :hap:

welcome najma, enjoy your stay

Hello everyone!
i am aami,… I am new to the forum.
welcome to all here., I know that forums are a good place to learn and interact with other people , so that People can share their experience with eachother.