need help in translation please :)

Could sm help me translate it into english ?

roho liha o gololha el badala bach badaltene(L)arab el 3ain 3ene haloha tabke o ntouma malkom(L)el hachwa s3iba …

Thanks a lot lot lot in advance :slight_smile:

sorry no idea, but ill post a msg on here to put you back @ the top and hopefully someone will see :slight_smile:

“go tell her…
let her cry…
it’s not of ur business”

the rest i don’t know

well thak you so much for trying anyway :slight_smile:

where did u get that ?
sounds like a song or poem

whats hachwa?

badala is that exchange or to flip or something

I think 7ashwa comes from 7ashyan, which means fulling sth, like a chicken (or turkey) with rice or whatever… & it usually means to “shoot” someone with words, biut not directly, i.e talking about them while making yourself talkin to someone else.

@Mad :no: it doesn’t sound like a poem at all, it’s absolutely some Rai thing by some miserable “thinger” :stuck_out_tongue:

ahhhh stuffffing something :slight_smile:

whats rashwa, i hear that de temps en temp

oh and thanks man, stuffing thats a great one!

ps in english or @ least in american english we say to stuff something like a chicken, and we say stuffing for what you put inside, and when you’re like really full of food you say im stuffed lol

also the cute animals for kids are called stuffed animals

Rashwa is the money (or any gift u give) to someone in order to get some illegal stuff done.
like to avoid paying for speeding by paying the trafic policeman some cash. or paying a staff in certain department to get an illegal file done…& so on.

& i don’t think u got the “7ashwa” thing correctly…let me do some 7ashwa at you so u can get it.

remember when DL blamed someone for leaving uni & said “what do u wanna become ? a waiter ?”
now we know she didn’t mean that about you, but supposing she did, that’s called 7ashyan l hadra (stuffing words) to Achmin ('s ears)

right i knew that 1, rashwa a bribe

hmmm still dont get it…like her advice was unwelcome but she stuffed it in anyway??

or to mention someone or something about them without actually calling them out?

still didn’t get it ? :huh: what are u turkish or sth !!! <— (now i’m making “7ashwa” to LA)

Got it now :smiley:

7ashyan l hadra ====== sending hints;;;; msgs between the lines


the 7ashwa to LA wasn’t very nice :fouet:

why are casawis so rude and impolite a za3ma? ------ 7ashwa to PB :stuck_out_tongue:

except, there is no hidden message in mine lol

first of all that was just to make Ach understand :no:

& then…i’m not a casawi :na:

what are you marrakchi?

hmmm still tryna think about it :dumb:

hes not marrakchi!!! wow lalla…

i dunno how am i supposed to explain it :flag: