need help in translation please :)


i been waiting 2 use that 1 jjjjjjjjj

what’s wrong with asking if pb is from kech?

i think ach IS turkish, if he still doesn’t get it… :stuck_out_tongue:

i think, as far as i understand the concept of 7ashwa, it is when ur saying something to someone, but in a way so that somebody else, who is nearby or who can see/hear it, take the message, za3ma you’re REALLY addressing them but inadvertently, you’re making it seem like you’re targeting the person you’re actually speaking to but in reality you want the other person to hear and get offended/insulted/or just simply understand your message. i guess it’s not always a negative thing…


Good job 3ayoosh :okay:

it is actually a negative thing, but it can be a joke when with close friends.

I just remind you that i aint even sure that 7ashwa means that !! we’re talking about 7shyan l hadra, & 7ashwa literaly means the same, but i’m not sure if those singers use the term to refer to sth else.

llah ybark fik a ostadi