Names & their meaning in Arabic

Would anybody provide some amazigh/shloo7 names (both male & female names) with their meanings?

& speakin of which…what does this name mean : tlaytmes or tlaytness or …!! sorry, forgot the exact spelling, it’s a girl’s name btw, saw it in a movie on 2M few minutes ago :stuck_out_tongue:


ach instead of posting a few names each time
and pretending to be savvy
he posts a link
no comment

but he’s kinda saying
khoud link wa hannina

jjjjjjj kont baghi ngoul…chouf f google w hannina…sahla :stuck_out_tongue: jjjjjjjjj

no i cant say anything bc sometimes i want some information thats soooooo simple and dumb but i cant find it :slight_smile:

plus those lists arent that good…not many meanings in them

lollll u’re asking us about names u heard on 2M, i think you should call 'em up and ask :stuck_out_tongue:

and just so that u can please had bergaga, can u explain why u want chleu7 names and their meanings?

yes bp why???
marrying chelha and want to give chelh name to ur kids???

silence means approval. correct judgement there za3ma, he is getting married to a chelha and wants to name his football team all chleuh names… i don’t care, you are obliged to name at least one of them “AICHA”, or even “aichato” or “3wicha” or “qendicha” or “3yooch”, whatever pleases the wife most

marrying who ? football what :huh:

i’m just interesed…& nobody gave me what i needed :fouet:

a chelha


a good bent lblad to marry? :stuck_out_tongue:

do you know how to do a google search in english? i cant say for french or arabic, but you can find plenty of names/links doing an english google search…i would assume french and arabic would have even more.

funny how PB ignores certain topics when he has no answer :stuck_out_tongue: jjjjjjjjjjjjjj