Nadia larguet's nude pic !!!!!!!!

Nadia larguet the ex 2M presenter is now pregnant and besides she posed naked for a moroccan magazine called “femme du maroc” …
all moroccans are talking about the lack of respect toward our religion and traditions … what do u think ???

here is a link for the pic : ( i didnt post it directly here , for those who dont wanna c naked women )

Nadia naked

I read an article about that cover of Femmes de Maroc, and some “open-minded” people went on praising her for what she just did for Moroccan women, oh she liberated them. Doh! I don’t see by what nudity is going to help women issues in Morocco. What this woman is complete lack of respect. That’s like standing there like that in front of her father! Complete nonsense.
Is she Muslim?

looooll who knows … u know there r still a lot of rifa9 in morocco :smiley:

What does rifa9 mean?

doudi wellah parfoi kandoukh m3ak kangol wach ana li machi meghribi wla nti :s
aji bghit ghir nsewlk , biensur at9es7i rask w matjawbinich , mai bon njereb cette foi : ta fai tes etudes f une mission ???

ghadiy 3aynouha ghir nass deba

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh atwled chi 9reyed :smiley: fblast bnadem

Achmen 3in 7tta nti a MR. Gouli oka ghdi yd3iw 3liha. Seriously, I don’t know what she was thinking, and what her husband was thinking, and what on earth she wanted to achieve…

Missya? Mais non, t’es fou? 3mmerek chefti coiffeura qrat f missya? (Aji, mission c’ést à dire quoi au juste? Genre mission française? Descaaarte w dak le3jeb?

hahhhahhahahahahahahaha je savai ke maghadich tjawbini lol
oui genre descarte lyauté …

[quote=Madridista]hahhhahhahahahahahahaha je savai ke maghadich tjawbini lol
oui genre descarte lyauté …[/quote]
Non sérieux… j’ai pas fais ce machin. Je suis bent cha3b tout comme toi… si t’en es un…
Et bof, ne vas pas croire que ton verlan de darija m’impressionne. Nous sommes de deux coins différents, c’est tout. Tu as fréquenté beaucoup de casawi je crois. Tout ce que tu dis toi, moi je l’ai jaaaamais entendu dans la vie réelle.

Back to Nadia’s picture…

I don’t remember seeing that face on 2M :blink: is she the presenter of “Band apart” ? if i’m right, then i wouldn’t be surprised about that disgusting magazine cover.
If she’s not who i thought she is, her face is still familiar but i don’t remember her…

Anyway, “femmes du Maroc” !!! so that’s what the “femme” of Morocco deserves to be :huh: , what are these people trying to achieve exactley…

duuuude ive never meet a casawi till the last year loll … my darija is so normal , i have a casawi friend and tanjawi and chawni and from safi and from fes and rabat and rachidia and kenitra and polisario and and …
i meet them everyday in the school , i talk to them exactly like i do here and they understand me :slight_smile: maybe not 100% but ive never been asked as much as u did :smiley:
dude where r u from hhhhhhhhhhh ?

PB, google image her, you’ll find other photos of her where you’ll recognize her. She used to present a show in French, but I don’t remember what it was called exactly. It was something for teens and blah blah. She looks different in this photo, and a little bit old.
Those people are trying to break the 7chouma. Z3ma it’s okay to go naked on a magazine’s cover today. Then tomorrow, we can start Moroccan nudity movements.
Honestly, if you want to help Moroccan women, educate them, and give them chances to create revenue for themselves. That’s what will liberate women.

nadia n her husband

D.L, That’s what i’m talking about, i googled her for images & i didn’t knew her, but it seemed familiar somehow, & now that u mentioned that youth bla bla tv show, i’m sure it was that “band apart” , i remember her in that show kissing with guys normally infront of the screen…that’s why such picture is not a surprise. but what’s frustrating is the magazine itself !

Mad, I ask a lot because I am curious to learn. I understand the general context of course, and I would just skip any mysterious words, but I like to learn new things, and know where they come from, etc. Like everyone here… Hello?

Ohhhh myyy! That’s her husband? SERIOUSLY?

hahahahahah doudi just ask hania wellah … but sometimes katkhel3ini kat3rfi chi stounat fchkeeeel w chi merrat :s :S:S
anyway , yeah this is her husb …

What stouna khel3ouk? Goul goul :smiley: Arbbi ila ma tgoul lia…

Who’s her husband? Is he working in 2M?

Also, they look kinda jews

[quote=Darija-Lover]What stouna khel3ouk? Goul goul :smiley: Arbbi ila ma tgoul lia…

Who’s her husband? Is he working in 2M?[/quote]
kat3rfi chi 7aja smeytha chantage :smiley: ???¿¿¿¿¿¿¿