My name is Olivier

Salam o 3likom.
Congratulations for this wonderful site i discovered a few days ago.
My name is Olivier, i live in Paris but i try to spend as much time as possible in Morocco,
so i can say i love and know the country quite well (but for Oujda and Agadir…sorry
Of course, i have some Moroccan friends i see from time to time.
I am ashamed i never made the effort to learn Darija: eveybody in Morocco speak French
so well that it’s easier to communicate in this langage.
Still, i picked some words i heard but i am unable to make any sentences.
I’d love to speak a bit of Darija (my pronounciation seems to be acceptable),i know it will
take time, especially that i can be very busy at times.
I am sure your help will be very valuable to me, so thanks to all of you.
Please, feel free to ask any question if there is anything you’d like to know about me.

mar7ba bîk Olivier :slight_smile:

Wa 3alaykom ssalâm. Mr7bâ b ssî Olivier :).
The reason why I thought that we know each other is that I remember some Olivier who used Zitoun as nickname. I looked deep inside my inbox, and I couldn’t find anything. You don’t seem to remember that, so I probably mixed up people or something.
Anyhow, nice to meet you. What’s with Oujda? Mâ fhmtsh!
We like members to tell us a little bit about themselves, and what makes them interested in Darija. So we let them say whatever they want to say about themselves :).
So tell me, what makes you come to Morocco? Tourism?
I hope that you’ll learn more Darija with us, so see you around!

welcome Olivier

mar7ba bîk Olivier_zitoun! :slight_smile:
zitoun, ça n’est pas des olives en darija? il y a une raison particulière pour avoir choisi ce pseudo? (à part le rapprochement avec ton prénom, un amour immodéré pour les olives peut-être? :smiley: )

Thanks to all for your warm and friendly welcome.

When i was a teenager, i spent 3 years in Rabat(1979-1981),
following my father who went there for professional reasons.
He liked it so much he decided to stay.
I used to study in Lycee Descartes, I was already quite busy at school,
that’s another reason why i never learned Darija.
And yes, i am that old! (i am in my early 40’s).
Those were wonderful years that i never forgot, nor the country.
What do i like most about Morocco? Well, many things:
the landscape (stunning and varied), the climate (i can’t stand cold weather),
the food (i put on a few kilos everytime i come), chaabi music (incredible rythms!),
the frienliness and laid back attitude of the people and do i dare to say it?
the girls, they do look beautiful.
Furthermore, one of my sisters (i have 2) went back to Rabat,
got married and still lives there happily.
so I try to visit as often as possible and always have a great time.
I didn’t want to say all this because that makes it even less acceptable
that i don’t know more of the langage.

elise_m: tu as trouvé, olivier/olive, d’ou mon surnom de zitoun (ou zit-huile en Darija).
J’aime bien les olives, mais sans plus.
Et puis ça pourrait etre embarrassant: imagine quelqu’un qui adore les oeuf-mayonaise
ou la tete de veau vinaigrette, il aurait un drole de surnom!

bah, drôle de surnom oui, mais tous les goûts sont dans la nature! :^^:

Mar7ba bik Olivier :smiley: