Msa lkhir! Ismi Kenji.

Hi! I’m Kenji. Japanese/American Muslim guy. I am happy to find a forum for Darija. I hope to be able to make progress in both Darija and Arabic. I call Marrakech my home, since it is the place I feel my heart is in harmony and the people treat me no different from others, and this is one reason I love Maroc. I work outside the Maghreb, as most Maghrebi do (inshallah we can turn that around some day). I work in Jordan and Dubai. Until this year, I had been full-time in the Khaleej. This year, I am making a focused attempt at being able to speak Arabic (worked for an international company, so not much usage of Arabic until this year), and since I call Marrakech home, I had better get down with the Darija, too! :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting me in. Inshallah I can make contributions to my adopted country :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum, Kenji. We’re pleased to have you among our members.
It’s fascinating how many cultures you’re encountering, it must be an enriching experience. Did you learn to speak khaleeji now that you’re working there?
Do not hesitate to post any questions you have about Darija, we’ll be happy to lend you a hand.
See you around!

Welcome Kenji
Insha’Allah you’ll enjoy your time over here…
See you around :slight_smile:

Salaaaam Kenji, welcome to the forum where you’ll learn to be a perfect Moroccan, trust us :slight_smile:

mer7aba kenji