Mr7bâ - Welcome

I remember telling you here that those shloo7 you referred to must be from the Souss, and pointed out that there is a big different between Tashl7it and Tamazight.
Also, I was amazed that you can do without French, especially for studies. :hap:

[quote=Paperbird]i don’t remember i’ve met any soosi here lol, but no, those people were not swasa, you are right, of course theres different between shel7a & tamazight, those neighbours were from around warzazat…but anyway, i didn’t learn anything lol

as of french, i just kind of not along with it, of course i studied it for 10 years, but my English overcame my French in only 5 years !![/quote]

Azul everybody

I would like to ask if it was ( also if it is only sometimes) possible and if aou would mind to write “bilingual” … like when you write a sentence in Tashelhit, and right next to it the same sentence in english.

I like very much to learn tachelhit but can not understand the things you write here yet. A direkt translation would help me a lot :slight_smile:

Saha bzzzaaaav


congratulations for not forgetting the amazigh people. i love all of them and i want to learn tamazight in the future too. the amazigh people are a very nice and friendly ones from Atlas and they deserve our respect and love. their culture is great!!! by the way, Brazil in tamazight is LBARAZIL. best wishes, donny

that seems interesting , well i can help you out guys cuz i do speak tachel7it fleuntly (native tongue) , for any explantation i will be there and thanks BROTHER SIMPLY MOROCCON .tanmirt

well to make things clear for non-tachl7it speakers , keep in your mind your mind that berber or tamazight device to many styles or kinds then the tamazight of rif called TARIFIT , and of atlas called tamazight or tazayant , and that one from SOUSS ( agadir and its regions) called TACHEL7IT.

@ Kazin:
I always recommend that we keep posts bilingual here, for everyone to read and understand.

@ donny:
Amazigh people and Tamazight are part of our Moroccan identity, we can’t leave them out.
(Plus cough I am Amazigh myself)

Welcome aboard, abderahim. Please feel free to share everything tachel7it on the forum. You can post lessons, expressions, videos, anything you like. You’re most welcome, and there are many members interested.

i got it ADMIN i will give it a try to do my best :wink: peace