moroccan weddings

we all know that moroccan weddings are the best :okay:
and also we know that the tradtions differs from region to another …
so , here u can tell us about a moroccan wedding u’ve been invited to lately … it would be awesome to include pix if its possible

Maybe moroccan weddings are the best in the world, but not in north Morocco. Here weddings are terribly BORING if you are not the bride (I suppose).
The main activities in the north weddings are:

1 - Sitting down. And yet. A little bit more…
2 - Waiting for the meal. Wait. Wait. Wait. Baqi…
3 - Eating the meal
4 - Talking about other weddings
5 - Listening to traditional music (the boring kind)
6 - Sometimes, dancing. The point is… (pay attention to this):
Men and women celebrates the wedding SEPARATELY!!!
So you have to dance -if they dance- with people who wears big-policemenkind-shlaghem-w-marra-marra-el-laHyat…

I hate from northern moroccan weddings:

    - They celebrate it with separate genders parties.
    - People have to be really rich to have a nice wedding. If they are not, they try to seems they have a great weddings spending money they don't have.
    - If it's your wedding day, you have to keep awake all the neighborhood with trumpets, darbukas, etc... But it's not enough: look for some friends who have mercedes and BMW's, put your neighbourhood inside (if there's no room enogh, over it, or half body inside, half outside). Now, go for the rest of neighbourhoods of the city in parade, claxoning and claxoning and claxoning again. Beware: It have to be later than 3:00 AM. It's not use doing it at evening.

I love from northern moroccan weddings:
- The meals (if they don’t try to invite too much people and to make a too much big wedding that there’s no fluss for the djaj bldi.
- The party the day when the man goes to take the bride home. Usually there is a little party outdoors with musicians (gnawas, a man with a trumpet,…), and sometimes a little parade. But I think these are made by people who is living in north, but they are not from the north. If they are from the north, is again a boring party.
- The camerawoman. Is always a woman with a big camera who rides the roof of a big mercedes to make a nice souvenir video. He usually wears sbennya.
- The football flags (specially the barça ones) in the mercedes parades. Don’t ask why they exhibes it, but if you look carefolly, you will find always one. :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=Ouazzani]I hate from northern moroccan weddings:

    - They celebrate it with separate genders parties.[/quote]

why do you hate it?

In fact, I don’t hate it. Just I don’t like when I have to be there. I was talking in the ironic -better sarcastic- way of the post (love/hate):

I don’t like to dance with oter men :frowning:

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwww finally i found someone who likes chamal and hates their weddings looollll
:okay: ouazzani looolll

actually , i respect ppl who separates men and women in weddings … this is so religious bla bla bla
buuuuuuuut is this the only sin they r avoiding in the weddings … come oooonnnn !!!

ouazz i’ll invite u to an amazigh wedding :stuck_out_tongue: dance and food all the night long , ofcourse 7 days of wedding …

any amazigh here to explain to us their traditions ( except riafa looll they r like chamal ou pire encore )

PS- im not offendin any of those tribes i said above … i repeat i respect their traditions

Well, I don’t know any Moroccan over here unfortunately, and so I’ve never been to such weddings.
The only Moroccan wedding I saw (even parts of not all) was Samira Sa3ed’s marriage on TV :stuck_out_tongue: But anyway, it seemed really different from ours.

Ooooohhhh, I would like a good party 7 days along with gzely bzzzzzzzef elli katshtaHw m3aya, even if there is no beer :^^: …

Between the middle and high Atlas is where I enjoyed more Morocco. I’ve been stoled there in suq. A pickpocket stoled my wallet. I imagine he is yet *****ing me and all the catalans in the world, because there was nothing on it except my credit card. I was hurried to call the bank in Spain to cancel the card. As we didn’t had flus in the telephone, a friend from there told me:

“ma tqllaqshi: ida l soroq mn hna, makai3rafushi shinnu idiru b lacarte. Hassek 3 s3uaya bash twuSal fwaHid mota3a fein tqdar tkhallas b lacart”.

I don’t know if you will understand… Anyway, I tried hard!

[center]l3ors f l Hawma diali[/center]

WaHid l3ors f l uwst dial medina (Souq Barra). L3rosa hya flsonduq mn3raftchi shinnu ismo, w kulchi fuq lHmara wla l3awd, musaken (l3rusa w l Himara)

FwaHid lHawma cha3bi, saHbi mcha w suwar hado en-nass li 3andum lflus chuya, iden kayaklu ltur kamel fl3ors dialhum.

l tur, meskin… sluuuuuurp

duuuuuuuude thnx for pix , this is really a traditional wedding … aint gonna comment on this coz its chamali i dont wanna look like a raciste :stuck_out_tongue:
anyway ouazz dont worry about the beer i went to weddings where there were even vodka and tequila and they r still traditionals
thats atlas hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh they forget about religion in weddings ( im not offending lol im from atlas )

ps- ouazz the family in this wedding is poor , yak ?

It’s three diferent ones.

I have not been at their weddings (at home), just I was there to take the photos. I don’t know them personally. I don’t tell you who is who in these photos, but they are:

X - I don’t know this family. They are not rich, but they don’t live in the misery neither.
Y - They are a poor big family. Nobody in this family is working. Men of this family are lazy, they manage to get money from nobody knows where. Better don’t trust them. I know for sure.
Z - They live in a poor neighbourhood, most of the men of the family are in spain. They are related to drugs business (something normal in Tangier).

who is who? :blink:

Be careful! Nobody you could recognize in this photos is from the families: they could be neighbours or just people who passed by and stoped to enjoy de crowd.

the 1st is Y
2nd is Z
3rd is X

33% SaHiH

Hagan sus apuestas…

hhhhh okay okay

I have never been or seen a moroccan wedding in real but I have some pics from weddings of my friends.
That’s really great !
But I think just rich people can celebrate really good traditional wedding. I mean it seems so expensive. For example clothes… Bride and groom needs to be wear very beautiful.
And always there are so much guests who wants drink and eat alot looooooool
and music…
and gifts…
and also so much other things…

Our weddings are more simple comparing with moroccan ones but expensive also.
And our men no need to pay for a future wife lool
I guess it would be better if they need to give money to get a wife …that condition could be let them understand the value of a marriage… =)

*I guess it would be better if they need to give money to get a wife *
duuude she must pay me to marry her :stuck_out_tongue:


And what is your price ? :stuck_out_tongue:

for how long ??? a night ? a week end ? or a vip member card ?? :stuck_out_tongue:


put here your price list then :slight_smile:

…is there some discount ? :wink:

mmmm there is a discount for bein russian
another one for bein SM member
a discount for bein a new customer
and another discount for … OMG finally i think its gonna be free :s

:blink: loooool

haha… there is always free cheese in a mousetrap … you know :stuck_out_tongue:

OMG why would u put a pic of the dead cow?! :blink: screams Im toooooooooooo squemish 4 stuff like that :hm:

But anyways one thing I love is the dresses they r absoloutely BEAUTIFUL and by far the best :okay: (didn’t please my aunty too much when I told her i wanted one for my uncles wedding and not an Algerian one LOL) :hap: