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New moon rah Twilight 2 ! 3 should be Eclipse, they all S**** anyway, both the books & the movies.

finally someone who agree’s with me!! theryre just soooooooooooooooooooooooo boring and stupid :huh:

finally someone who agree’s with me!! theryre just soooooooooooooooooooooooo boring and stupid :huh:[/quote]
hahahaha, you’re my friend :wink: take this: (includes coarse language, that’s why i won’t embedd)
I made them like 6 months ago, when i was fed up with rabid fans !!

Toilet part I

Toilet part II

[quote=Madridista]well i dont wanna offend anyone :s
so ppl who doesnt wanna c p*** pix just dont scroll down plz … thnx

[img align=hhhhhh][/url]

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i know u were all curious hihiihiihiihiiih[/quote]
Hahaha isn’t that pic cute or what? xD

hehehehhehe yeah sooooo cute :stuck_out_tongue:

wow papers u actually made vids on how bad the twilight saga is? coolio haha :okay:
buuuuuuuuuuuuuut at least wer not the only 2 in the world that think twilight sucks :hap:

for suuuuuuuuure you’re not… i hate twilight with a bloody passion… i can’t believe people can be bothered reading books that are thicker than their own heads… just can’t understand :no: there are way better books out there… like… the … gingerbread …rabbit :stuck_out_tongue:

i read Harry potter that was 10x thicker then twilight and blinkin loved em, no one can beat em simple :stuck_out_tongue:

“gingerbread…rabbit” LOL never heard of that one haha r u sure it exists?? :wink: but i have heard of the classic gingerbread man lol

hhhhhh sorry mini but harry potter and twilight is kif kif to me :stuck_out_tongue: both fake and retarded but tastes differ so i respect your choice :wink:

The Gingerbread Rabbit was a book i read in Grade 2 and i can’t forget it, even though i want to :smiley:

no twilight sucks HP doesnt and ur right their both fake but who cares? haha

people like me do :stuck_out_tongue:
Tell me about wars, about history about language about culture about beliefs
but doooooon’t tell me about wizards and spells plzzzzzz :stuck_out_tongue:

lol ppl like to read about fantasies :stuck_out_tongue:
so do u read books like the kite runner and that?

owhhh yeah i loved kite runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns even though i didn’t like some of the writer’s opinions but it was hella emotional, i cried so much when reading the latter

did you read them?

no i really wanna!!! i watched the movie my mum didnt like how the taliban were portrayed e.g as paedo’s etc but it was well sad, cute ending though :hap: ive read similar books like the breadwinner (i think its called that) and a book on palestine i forgot what its called, but by some algerian author under the pen name Yasmina (why a girls name i dunno but when i saw it i was like im reading it haha )

lol yeahhhh i recommend u read them, very well written… and yeah i agree about the taliban thing, some stuff are actually true but i think they went overboard with the description… A Thousand Splendid Suns is way better than Kite Runner btw.

Yeah i’m waiting on a novel from a friend which is about the French-Algerian war, can’t wait to read it…

oh i cant read stuff like that its too personal :’( but ill try to borrow a thousand splendid suns (dont u just love the title?? :hap:)

yep yep you keep reading about wizards and potions coz they’re not personal :stuck_out_tongue: hihi

i got me own copy of ATSS, would’ve sent it to u if u lived nearby :smiley: oh well…

cough i read it years back so im totally over that phenomena ehem :roll:
its ok im patient send it in the post, should arrive by next year and we’ll both be happy bunnies and i promise to keep it intact :wink: hehe

lol i dont doubt that you’ll keep it intact but im just thinking whether the bumping and shoving while over the Indian Ocean and cruising over the continents will keep it intact.