moroccan music

Hello everyone, I’m Omeyra.
I am interested in learning about moroccan music, particularly about Oughnia, Chaabi, shikhat…I apologize if I am mispelling all this! I would like to learn about how women learn this, who teaches them, what the difference between the three are, and so on. I love Moroccan music and the sounds and dances so i am interested in being educated in this! I have been to morocco twice and have beautiful friends living in fez and Marrakesh. I would appreciate your answers and also how to pronounce this as well as the word “zaghareet” chokran")

Welcommmmmeee omeyra.
i think the natives can give u a hand here, probably PB would be able to help, yak a sidi?

not sure but maybe zaghareet is the plural of zaghroota which is that noise women make alallalalalallalaa, at weddings esp. :za: << that’s the one

see u around :slight_smile: