Moroccan jokes..... anyone know any?

[quote=nokta_zwina]i think that translating the joke made it lose its funny aspect… its very tricky to translate jokes btw.

nice to meet you too :)[/quote]
Yes I agree. Sometimes there should be cultural knowledge cause jokes often satirizes something of its own people which they only are aware of.
That’s why I got many “sa3ayda” jokes but I think no1 would see it funny because they are totally different from Moroccans.

It’s my pleasure pal. Thanks :slight_smile:

Of course we understand sa3ayda joke… me7ammadeen w 3awadeen, zint echabab letneen looool

we love sa3ayda jokes and we have Moroccan equivalents, let me tell u a secret: some of the jokes on my website were translated from Egyptian ha3 ha3 shshshsh

say what, say what! wah wah ya boiiii :smiley:

I’ve read some more and yeah I’ve found familiar ones espicially those about “wa7ed mkla’7”
Do you know the joke (or rather ba3ta) that says “marra wa7ed, etneen, talata…” in Moroccan: “hada wa7ed, joj, tlata…” :smiley: [This can’t be translated at allll]

Alright, let me share this one from your site:
hado rba3 dyal lemkalkheen san3o tobees kaymshy bel3ard bash kolhom yerkabo lqodam
(Four stupid guys made a bus to be moved crosswise so that they would all ride at the front)


Gretchen are you egyptian? :open_mouth:

Funny last joke btw ^^ i’m totally stealing it. :smiley:

chokran :slight_smile:
well, yeah ana masria…

ok mtsharfeen :slight_smile:

Thanks sis. elsharaf leena :slight_smile:

Here a joke I liked: (correction in transcription &/or translation is so welcomed [& needed]) :slight_smile:
hado joj drari t3atlo 3al madrsa. swolhom lm3lem: 3lach t3tlto?
qal leh wa7ed: ra7 ta7et leya 10 drahem
w howa yesowl eltani: wnta malk?
qal leh lakhor: rah kont dayer rjli 3leha

(2 students went late to the school. Their teacher asked them: why did you come late?
one of them said: 10 drahem fell from me
and then he asked the second: and you?
the second student said: I was putting my foot on it)

yalla ed7ako :smiley:

p.s: A call for Madridista

Please don’t forget to translate the 4 jokes you sent…I cant wait to understand them all.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Ahahaha i likkkeeee that one xD

Gretchen you seem pretty good in darija already, keep translating jokes for us when you can be bothered :smiley: chukran!

wow, I seem so…chokran bzaf :smiley:
Alright, whenever I find jokes I understand I’ll post it with its translation, no matter if it really makes you laugh or not or that you’ve heard it before. But to exchange my few knowledge of darija, and to learn too if I had any spelling or translation mistakes.

Here is a joke, hope you’ll like it:
hado rba3 dyal lmkalkheen feljam3a kayktebo dakchi elly kayktbo elostad felsabora. mneen kayms7 elostad kayqta3o homa elwrqa
(Four stupid guys at college are writing everything that the professor is writing on the board. Whenever the professor erases the board, they cut off the paper)

This one is familiar to us too:
hada wa7ed mklakh tgama3o 3aleh sab3 dyal lchayateen, wa7ed kaywasweslo w sta kayfahemo
(Seven devils gathered to someone stupid; one is tempting/whispering evil to him, and the other six are explaining…)


[quote=Madridista]hada wa7d soussi chaf rasso kay7el l7anout 24 sur 24 , nad ba3 lbab dl 7anout :smiley:

hada wa7d soussi kay7et flousso f banka , kaytsenahom tta kayseddo , kaymchi yzid 9fel dialo f bab d banka :smiley:

hada berkani gal lmerto had lila wejdi rassk ant3echaw berra , rje3 l9aha mkherja tebla lzen9a :smiley:

hada soussi bgha ytele9 merto , galolo 3ndak amskhout atel9ha tsde9 9asma m3ak rez9k f ness … b9a kayfekeeeeerr , mcha nta7er :smiley: ( bach teddi ghir 1/8 dial lwert )

lmohim im busy had sa3a , ill be back to translate them[/quote]
a soussi realized that he is openning his shop 24/24 H , so he sold the shops door

another soussi has all his money in a bank , so he wait till they close then he add his own lock to the bank’s door

a Berkani asked his wife : get ready , tonight we r gonna have dinner outside … when he’s back he found her puttin the meal on a table in the street

a soussi wanted to get divorced , they told him that his wife is gonna take the half of his money
he thought about it a lot , then he got suicide ( so as his wife just inherits the 1/8 of his money)

ps- im sooooooooo sorry i forgot totally about my post :s
i didnt translate it word per word , so if u need the translation of any word … just ask me :wink:

Hhhhhh i like the first one the most, soussi jokes are hilarialll

LOL these jokes are a cracker haha!

Ill tell you one, Im not gonna write it in Darja coz I don’t know it but I heard it off an Algerian comedy show:

An accident happens in which a car crash has occured.
There’s only one bald man who witnesses what happened and is called to court to give testiment.

When asked what he saw he replies: “It was so scary my hair turned gray!”
The judge then orders for the man to be kicked out saying: "How can we believe you when you have no hair!"

LOL not that funny but oh well :wink:

:blink: oh damn! I just realised this is supposed to be about Morrocan jokes! sowwy but read it anyway haha :unsure:

Hahaha mini, that joke is only funny because its not funny. :smiley: lol your humour is always welcome… :wink: keep 'em coming… im here to laugh :smiley:

haha I know its a laugh-a-lil-but-its-not-funny joke hehe :wink:
So does that mean I can tell random jokes that are not Moroccan? coz i don’t know any Moroccan ones lol :blink:

ahaha suuure, but you gotta somehow moroccanise them :slight_smile: just add like “a sa7by” here and there :stuck_out_tongue:

haha ok LOL

Here’s a joke:

Ez-zouj w ez-zouja fi tomobil ( im tryin to make this darija haha)
have just had an argument and are giving each other the silent treatment.
They happen to pass by a farm with animals grazing outside whereby the Husband curtly remarks: “Family of your’s is it??”
The wife retorts back: “yeah in-laws” :smiley:

yalla another one:
hada wa7ed twil bzaaaaf chreb kas dyal el7aleb w maat. Jaw ychofo laqo el7aleb ma ja yewsal lelm3da 7ta entahet modet elsala7ia

(A very tall guy drank a cup of milk and then died. They found (through autopsy) that when the milk reached to the stomach it was expired…

hahahaaaaaaaaaaaha @ BOTH OF YOUR JOKES xD

keeep them coming, I swear you’re making the Lalla laugh histerically =) well kinda… :stuck_out_tongue: