momo 3ainiya?

is supposed to mean…???

also, in chamali accent is “ntina” used for both female and male?

edit: also what would “kbida” be? i know i know this word but i can’t reemember its meaning

thanks guys

momo 3ainiya = honey , darling …

kbida also mean honey , and it is an organ of our body i cant remember its name now , in french its ‘’ foi ‘’

ntina is used for males and nti for females

wa llaho a3lam

thanks a lot!! :okay:

ur welcome … but im suspectin sth looooll dont ask a lot of Qs like this

don’t suspect anything, there is nothing to suspect. safi

looolll im sorry for u

if anyone DARES to utter the m of momo 3iniya on me i’ll break their shiny teeth :smiley:

:neu: better not show u my teeth

just behave

ok mom i mean mum :stuck_out_tongue:

you sun of a beach :^^:

loooool which one … casa’s beach or tangiers one

whichever you’re more comfortable being a SOAB in

a fein ya m.a.

loooool its casa then lol

a fen a sat bikhir ach kat3awed , kayn man9diw ?

haaahaaaaa ach called you his M.A

funny people

[quote=Madridista]loooool its casa then lol

a fen a sat bikhir ach kat3awed , kayn man9diw ?[/quote]
:bise: :bise: bikheir la bas 3lek m3loum 3aich fiha

but i was talking to my turkich m.a. actually

no no you weren’t u were talking to ur moroccan m.a… coz i have no more room to put those broken teeth

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