I’ve just found this info and wanted to share it with you. I actually I know cappuccino but never heard of the Marocchino. Is it famous over Morocco?
Anyway, here is the info:

The Marocchino is a kind of small cappuccino: it’s a caffè espresso in a glass, topped with a layer of cocoa and frothy milk.

What’s the bizarre origin of the marocchino?
Even if it’s increasingly popular in Milan, it seems that Marocchino was born in Torin, where there is a strong community of people from Morocco. Moroccans were attracted by the cappuccino, but they usually went for a simple caffè espresso, because it was cheaper. They started to ask for caffè espresso with a bit of milk and cocoa, in order to get something good as a cappuccino but cheap as a coffee.

In Italian “moroccan” is translated into “marocchino”, so that’s the reason why it was called marocchino by the barmen.

ive never seen that in morocco :s
3ich nhar tsme3 khbar :smiley:

Really? you didn’t hear of it?

Anyway, it really seems so bniiiiin :smiley:

looolll so lets go to milano to taste it :stuck_out_tongue:

Nooo, we have everything. I’m gonna go to the Moroccan restaurant on the Nile and ask for it :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

:s ive never seen an egyptian restaurant in morocco
what about u guys , have u ever seen one in ur cities ???

Well, about the Moroccan restaurant I didn’t see it, I’ve just read about it :stuck_out_tongue:

ok hadi hdra okhra … ta tchoufih w hedri :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve never seen in Tanja or any other place in Morocco such thing Marocchino. Neither in Spain. Looks good.

There is italians, thai, japanese, I think a vietnam, french, catalan, spanish, restaurants. It was a turkish, but it don’t last. Never hear about an egyptian. I’ll ask if there is someone near here.

There are many moroccans in Barcelona, even a tanjawi bocadiyo (sandwich) restaurant. And many halal jazzarat, where you can find n3na3, harira or poms :).

By the way:

Poms or Haway?

–> Star Soda


wowww that looks yummy for my tummy… i’m a coffee addict and this marocchino looks delicious… we have something similar called “Mocchachino” which you all probably know, but they’re not the same I guess.

loooooooooooooooooooooooollll at poms and hawaii hhhhhh u mean hawaii almaghreb ? water soda y un poco de colorante

Marocchino … sounds niceee… like Italian one
I have never seen it in Morocco. And in Russia also :no:

But I have a friend who lives in Milan so I ll ask him. I like different types of coffee so it’s interesting to know smth about this mysterious marocchino. And why “marocchino” if even moroccans don’t know abt it :stuck_out_tongue:

looool We have some restaurants of Moroccan cuisine in my city. I visited a couple.
Really nothing can force me to go there again :stuck_out_tongue:
Real Moroccan food you can try just in Morocco !!

yeah sure, I wish to go on a visit to Morocco nchallah (during Mad’s school time) :stuck_out_tongue: It would be a good one I’m sure…

Has anyone tasted the Moroccan traditional Pannini, of course its not like the pannini u know…

we have a traditional Moroccan version of every universal food :wink: & i woudn’t switch the Baladi pannini with the international one at any manner, it’s just wonderful.

I think Paperbird is right :stuck_out_tongue:
I was so surprised at first time when I saw panini in the moroccan cafe…
I was sure it is Italian one … haha … there are moroccan panini :smiley: Very good by the way :slight_smile:

Really in Italian panini it’s a plural form of panino (bread)

Ohh… okkkey … again from marocchino to panino… :stuck_out_tongue:

ohh, that’s really interesting :slight_smile:

lollllll, we’re always like that…
no worries. Make yourself at home :slight_smile:

Oh, yes… Gretchen I see loooool

Mad told me the same :stuck_out_tongue:

it just seemd to me the same topic so , i mentioned it :ok:

need i talk about the Moroccan Pizza :hap: ?

Touta, once we were talking about boycotting for religious reasons and it kinda ended about a song… :s

M7moud, ehdr f ay 7aja bghit thdor fiha (said it right??I hope so)
and yeah even about… what?? Moroccan pizza!!!
you must talk about it, lolllll, anywhere :stuck_out_tongue: