Mad's avatar

who else thinks mad should stop wandering around in his avatar? who has some fly spray?


yeaaaaaaaaaaah truuuuuuuuuuuuuuue … i agree with u LA

not only r u a bug, but ur depressed too

everytime ur avatar comes up i freak out and then realise it’s just an avatar, there’s no bug on my screen

You meant depressed or depressing?

I like this neat, simple avatar, that I stole from somewhere.

ohhh thnx admin :stuck_out_tongue: this will be my next avatar :smiley:

I meant depressed. But if he is being depressing as well, I can add that to the description ^^

:frowning: poor MAD


loooool MAD is not here now but this bug keeps “wandering around” :stuck_out_tongue:

lol when i first saw it i thought the same too :lol::stuck_out_tongue:

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MAD !!! a new ava pic plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz … maybe an old one :stuck_out_tongue:

old one :stuck_out_tongue: … r u sure hhhhhhhhh u remember them atleast ???

looll i remember them … at least :stuck_out_tongue:

so when?

which one ???

looll just not that lop eared boy plzz :wink:

what about the boy pissing :stuck_out_tongue:

yuck ya mo2ref :s
Touta i’d agree he’d to change his current av, and agree too not to be that crazy eared boy, but in compare to the last one his majesty suggests, I think I’d raise the white flag and say keep this… bta3a ya m…ad (nemashiha mad w rabena a3lam bil neya :P)

MAD i knew u will ask this exactly :smiley:

loll Gretchen, i guess we will never see any cute pic here haha our MAD can only put smth worse :stuck_out_tongue: … it was just a suggestion for him to change ava since i simply don’t like insects, but it’s ok if MAD likes it :wink: