m7l / mjml

apparently these two words mean the same thing, somebody said:

m7lek jnank… and when the other person asked what m7l is, they responded: mjmlk jnank, i don’t know what this means and im curious to know.

i know it’s not darija this is why i posted it here.

thanks PB in advance lol

wak wak a 3ibad allah, finkom?

fin PB??? :fouet:

Sounds like lebanese daija, but also sounds a lil Moroccan for the “jnank” part…

m7alek/mjmlk jnank = it’s your madness/craziness that is making you beautiful.

i start my office from 7:00 am :mad:

shukran jazylan shukran jzylan yakhi

lebanese darija? it looks more like retarded saudi talk to me :stuck_out_tongue: and i have soooooo many more translations to come, keep an eye on this thread w Llah y3tik ljannah yakhi :smiley:

alalla chkoun katba dakchi lak…3aoudti bhado ltarjamat dial loulad b7al fzaman dialak :confused: big brother ma3jabouch l7al :ag:

PB i have a few more words ya bacha, if u can translate…

  • 7znteny
  • 3ashan (also: 3ashank and 3ashan akwek)
  • galilat adab (put on your adab (manners)/have manners??)
  • tswen (wesh tswen, what are you "…"ing?)
  • fi 7mar dakhl 3aqlek (into a donkey your mind went???) explanation required on this one!!
  • lo7dk
  • fagha7tini (spelt: f3’7teny)
  • sal9 (spelt 6al8 - but i know some people use 8 to write 9)

lastly, ma3ndi mansalek ya PB, y7fdekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk akhoya

edit: amz7 m3ak = im joking with you. i guess.

7adir ya 3eesha hanim…

  • 7znteny : u made me (feel) sad
  • 3ashan : for, 3ashank : for you, 3ashan akwek: for/in order to “akwek” <— (?)
  • galilat adab : disrespectful (she)
  • tswen (wesh tswen, what are you "…"ing?) <— (?)
  • fi 7mar dakhl 3aqlek : some jackass (person) 's got into your mind (i.e you’re thinking of somebody (a lover))
  • lo7dk : i think it’s lwa7dk = alone
  • fagha7tini (spelt: f3’7teny) = frra7tini : u made me (feel) happy
  • sal9 (spelt 6al8 - but i know some people use 8 to write 9) : tali9 or tal9a = divorced

thankssss yabn 7alal!!! :okay: i owe you!

if i want to say disrespectful to a male, would it be galil adab?

Why Galil ? i thought you heart the Moroccan “9af”

we say 9lil l 7ya, or 9lil l adab.

hhhhhhh i do i do… bzzaaaaf, if 9 was a person i would marry it.

en plus, the reason why i wrote g is because it wasn’t written down, i heard it verbally and it was with a “g” not a “9”… so i didn’t know if it was possible to say it with a 9 and whether it would sound funny or not… anyway wallahi you’ve been soooooooooo helpful, llah ybark fik, seriously.

o9ay, 9rib t9adri tl9ay shi 9am9oom 3la daw9ek, yli9 lik w tli9i lih w ykoon 9ari mashi b7al shi 9rooda 39alhom khawi, :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: have u counted how many 9s there are :smiley:

999999aaaaaaa9aaahaaaaaaaaaa had chi 9rrrraaazzzzyyyy a wara999aa, wech t9der tarjamli had phrase??? bghit na3ref surtout lma3na dial “9am9ooom” 3afaaak,

wa wa wa chou9rane a khoya, lkho dial 3icha 9999endicha


m’kay, it says “soon u may find some “9am9oom” to your taste, & fits with him & he fits with you, & he’s well learned not like some other “monkeys” who are empty-minded” actually i focused more on 9 than on the meaning :wistle:

about 9am9oom ! aahhhmmmm it’s literally a point or corner of sth, like the pick of a mountain…etc but when we refer to some1 as 9am9oom/ma, i think :unsure: i’m not sure but it’s perhaps refering to their face or their nose…
we usually call 9am9oom to some1 who has done sth that he probably shouldn’t…

Ok, that’s confusing, here are few examples:

  • while i was driving, a 9am9oom was speeding nearly hit my car.
  • hey! what is this 9am9oom doing here, i didn’t invite him !!
  • The referee gave an illegal penalty, he wasn’t even around there when it happened…what a 9am9oom !

very interesting :smiley:
many many tanksss

salam SuperBird, again, i have one little thing to translate… wellah im sorry for bothering u with all this mid eastern/khalij stuff

- f9l 3ly, i know that this person uses 9 to mean ? or? and not ? … so either they mean “fasl 3aly” or “faTl 3ly” … can u help me out here pb?

thanks ya bacha, m3ndi mansalek wellahila

Sorry no idea :no:

hania bro. not important anyway

does anybody know what 3weny means, is it a weird way of saying 3yoony or something?

thanks w llah y7fdkom a drari

to me it sounds like help me

It can mean a lot, u didn’t specify which accent was that !

If it’s syrian/lebanese it can be 3weena i.e either a water fountain or the magic eye that we put in doors to see who’s knocking.