m7l / mjml

soggghhhyyyy… it’s khaliji/s3oodi

and it was: “enti/a 3weeny”

strange yak :roll:

u sure he wasnt just speaking english

you are a weenie it sounds like to me

not everyone chucks unnecessary 3ayns around like u a sidi

  • saudies don’t include much English words in their darija

salam guys,

what does feedtk mean? dunno if that was the exact word or if there’s a mispelling

shukran in advance

alo alo anyone there? helloo oooo ooooo oooo, noone?

ok just a note: it’s either fdeetk or feedtk, but im guessing it was fdeetk


fdeetk means sacrifying (sth) for your sake, i.e forsaken that sth to get you instead.

i couldn’t find an exact word for that…

ahaaa thanks a lot 7mmood but could it also mean “i sacrificed you” or “i gave you up (for something else)” ??