Lion hugs men



omg thats sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!! :hap:
awwwwwwww i love lions :roll:

Yeah… that’s so touching :slight_smile:
I watched the similar video some months ago… That lion lived with that couple, and then they let him go to live as a wild.
They came back to there to meet their “pet” after one year :slight_smile: And lion recognized them !!!
Really animals are amazing !!

awwww how cute!
animals are wonderful hehe :hap:

…sometimes they are even better than some people … :ok:

ur tellin me, i prefer talkin to my cat sometimes haha :roll:

lool Does she respond ? :smiley:

I m just kidding… I always talk to my kitty :stuck_out_tongue:

if only she did… hehe

now i want a pet lion tooooooo :frowning:

get a cat its the next best thing…they can bite and scratch just as much lol :roll:

I already have a cat and i love it… doesn’t scratch or bite us though, we’ve had it for 4 years now… it’s part of the fam

ahh… it’s so nice :slight_smile:

I have one also. …adopted one, it was homeless…

Have ever saw a sphinx cat…? …which don’t have a fur, naked ones… what do you think abt them ?

lol mine was the son of a “van kedisi” which is a famous unique cat … but mine isn’t so unique, it;s father must have been just a nobody :smiley:

yeahhh i know those cats, i don’t mind them :wink: i think all cats are cute, their faces are so edible :stuck_out_tongue: do u have one of those?

awww cute 3icha hehe :hap:
know what u mean ive had mine for 2 years and she’s definitely part of the fam bless her :roll:
but how comes ur cat doesnt bite or sctrach?? all cats do it when they “play” with u and it kills sometimes :unsure:

well my cat is a boy, and he’s a pretty laid back lazy kind of cat… so he can’t be bothered scratching and biting… when he was small no doubt i had lines all over my arms and hands :smiley: but i think he’s olllllld and not so energetic anymore… my cat has this very very very unique meow btw and i’ll have to record it and make u guys listen to it, you’ll piss urself laughing :smiley:

haha… really ? so cutee :slight_smile:
my cat never says even one mew looool … he just looks at me his special look when he wants to eat :^^:
he is real male cat… keeps silence always :stuck_out_tongue:

My friend has a sphinx. And I really afraid of touching him. I love animals… but normal ones :unsure: …furry and so on…

LOL thats funny :stuck_out_tongue: my cats female lol and she always meows when she’s near the window or when she’s annoyed at us lol
but yeah she’s soooo lazy compared to how she was, that lil energertic kitten she once was :roll:

lollll yeah my cat has diff meows depending on the request

its like miiirrrawwww when it wants to come inside

when it wants food

rrrrawww when it wants to drink from the bathtub

and haaaaayyyyyywwwww when we step on its tail

maaaan am i a cat-ologist or whattttt :smiley:

well thats certainly a lot of meows bless him hehe :roll:
awwwwwww dnt ya just love em? :hap:

sure dooo… it’s a bit like decoding “morse code signals” or something :smiley: