Let's Chat

We don’t have a shoutbox for chatting, but we still can do it in this small corner. :smiley:

Please have some tea:

And some cookies:

Hiba and Elise, you’re my first guests ;). How are you girls doing? :smiley:

And a welcome with tea and such delicious sweets, how could I resist? :smiley:
Well, I’m fine, and you?

Same, but it’s starting to get hot in here. It’s still bearable, but for someone who doesn’t like heat, this isn’t good!
How’s Paris? Is it raining over there?

Kounouz, I was expecting you to show up :^^:. Atay? Qhwa?

now I interrupt…

Hi everyone !

La, il n’a pas plu aujourd’hui, mais l’atmosphère est assez lourde.
Mais personnellement je ne me plains pas, d’abord parce qu’on a attendu le beau temps assez longtemps, ensuite parce que cet été je serai dans le Haut Atlas puis à Fès, et là je crois que la chaleur parisienne risque de me sembler plutôt… fraîche en comparaison! :sac:

Hiba, of course you’re not interrupting :D. Keeeeeeeeef el2ordon?

Elise, ce n’est pas surprenant qu’il ne fasse pas beau à cette époque, non? S’il ne fait pas assez beau à ton goût, en tout cas toi tu viendras avoir une bonne bouffée de chaleur :D.

Onc’Kamel? Dôz khôd atây!

Mneeee7a w betsallem 3aleki :smiley:

Keef elMaghreb ? :smiley:

SimplyMoroccan: normalement il devrait faire beau, nous sommes en été… :beach:

Je dois me sauver, merci pour ce court mais très sympathique tchat!
Lila sa3îda
A bientôt! :slight_smile:

Tsb7i 3la khir, Elise :).

Elmaghrib ktiiir kwayyis, nagsoosh ghir shoftek :D.

shokran biddi a7ki shway 3an 7ali :smiley:

I never had the chance to say this before but I’m not pure Jordanian :blink:

Actually my grandparents (and their parents and my dad) came here almost 50 years ago from Palestine which makes me Jordanian Palestinian :smiley:

So where in Morocco are you from?

And have you ever been to Palestine? You sure have some of your family left there, huh?
I am from Agadir, it’s in the South of Morocco.

Agadir cool :okay:
Yes some of my family are still there but we don’t know much about them.
we’re not allowed to go to Palestine :frowning:
but I still have some hope to visit it someday :^^:

Why aren’t you allowed to?

cause of Israel’s laws i guess! :wall:
I don’t like Unjustices ! Free palestine! :flag: :smiley:

because israelis ask for something called ??? which we don’t have because someone inside Palestine has to give it to us or someone who has it can give it to us and even if we had it the israelis still have to approve sme other things…
it’s something complicated anyways…
I have a question is Moroccan and Algerian the same? how can I tell th difference :^^:

Thank you konouz :smiley: yess free palestine !!

lol I know I’m the slowest in this forum :lol:

Brrk a oltmano :). Han lplateau yan n l7lwa oraymt ilkm lcafard, awa ghir ghddr :smiley:

So unfair! I hope that you’ll get to see your family there some day. What city are you from?
The Algerian and Moroccan dialects are very similar, but not exactly the same. Oujda for example, a city in the North of Morocco, on the borders with Algeria, they speak exactly like the other city on the other side of the border.
How to tell the difference… Mainly, they say dj instead of j. We say njma, they say ndjma.

Come join us! And tell us about your country!

many people lived on Earth since long time and they all are died today.
Wars are really silly because people die and kill for grounds but everyone will disappear and these grounds always continue to exist!

thanks ! now I can tell :D:okay:

I’m from a city called Ramla west of Palestine right next to the mediterranian like Morocco ! :smiley:

And this is exactly where I’m from as you can see it’s very jewish right now :mad:

It’s called Abu elFadl and has another name which is my family name :lol: