Learning tachlehit

Hello, could somone make a list of some commonly used phrases and words? Such as, “hey how are you”, “i have to go to”, “where”, “when”, “what did you say” and stuff like that. Thanks, appreciated.

azul a bagri, sorry for the late reply… the bits where im not sure what the berber equivalent is, im just gonna write the moroccan arabic translation, coz im sure amazighen will understand darija (moroccan arabic)

my name is (name) = ismiyyi (name)

hey = azul / salam

where = fayn (moroccan arabic)

where are you going? = fayn ghadi? (moroccan arabic)

oraa sawal7 tachel7it
= i don’t speak tachel7it

makh = why?

ghassa = today

orfehemgh walut autha = I don’t understand anything!

orsengh autha
= I don’t know anything!

Rad am fkegh imik n aghroum
“I will give you a piece of bread”
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I hope someone can come along and give more phrases… hope these help for the time being

btw since i don’t know the tachel7it words for “how are you” and “what did you say” i’ll, again, give you the darija equivalents:

how are you = la bas? / ca va? (french, but used widely in Morocco) / kidayr? (m.) - kidayra (f.)

what did you say? = ach golti?


Let me add some basic phrases to LA’s. LA, thanks for your help. I’ll exclude all Moroccan Arabic, and leave only tachelhit.

So here you go with 20 useful Tachelhit phrases.

  • Hello = Azul. (I never say it, I just say the Islamic version: Assalamo 3alaykom. If you are planning on going to some remote area, I am curious to know whether people use azul as a greeting there or not)

  • How are you =[b] 1)Manik atgit? (s) / Manzakin? (s.m) / Manzakmin (f.s)
    2) Manik atgam? / Manzaknin? (p.m)
    3) Manik atgamat? / Manzakntin? (p.f)

  • Yes = Ya

  • No = Oho

  • Where? = Mani?

  • When? = Manouk?

  • What? = Manwa?

  • Why? = Makh? (kh = Spanish j)

  • Where is it? = Manzat?

  • What did you say? = Mas tnnit?

  • I have to go = Ikhssa addou7

  • I am hungry = Yaghiyyi laaz (gh = French r)

  • I am thirsty = Yaghiyyi faad (gh = French r)

  • I don’t know/understand what you said/saying = Or ssn7 mas tnnit

  • I don’t know anything = Or ssn7 walou

  • Today = Ghassa (gh = French r)

  • I don’t speak tachel7it = ora sawal7 tachel7it

  • Where are you going? = Mani trit?

  • My name is… =Ismiyyi …

  • Thank you/May God reward you = Akk issrb7 rebbi (m.s) / Akkm issrb7 rebbi (f.s)

thanks admin :slight_smile: