Learn to speak morocco

Hi everyone,
I have wife from morocco. I need to learn how to speak morocco because we have difficulty in language and misunderstanding. I live in Washington, DC, She lives in morocco now. where can i learn morocco darija? please help me out. Thanks so much

you can learn some vocabs & other stuff on the home page www.speakmoroccan.com

& you can also ask about anything you want here on the forum :wink:

And you are not American, are you? I don’t want to be indiscreet, but I wonder how you ended up in such a situation! Marrying someone you can’t communicate with!
Lots of luck for you, and just study hard Darija, and you’ll get there.

mr7ba bik !


Welcome to the forum

Welcome to the forum, you will learn words here and there but i advise you (for the sake of your marriage) to download a “Learn Darija” e-booklet which is located somewhere in this forum, its a PDF file with darija grammar and vocab, so you can say the important stuff to her. Lah y3wnek (God help you) < not sarcastic, i mean it.

Yes I am from America. Thanks so much for welcoming me. I will learn darija from here :slight_smile:

hey welcome/merhba bik!

ask questions and well answer u back

sorry to ask but how did u guys meet?