konti ghadi w l9iti ....

konti ghadi w l9iti derhem , ach ghadi dir biha ?

u were walking and u found 1 dh , what r u gonna ?

yalah i wanna c ur answers :stuck_out_tongue: … plz give both the answer in darija and english , yalah just for fun

cho cho cho ki ketbou lqiti, lemsekh safi lollll it’s ???
and ze3ma this is coming from a tamer bouta girl, I should be happy to see a tamer bouta there!

you’re expecting fun answers, right?

ila lqit derhem, nchouf yakma ta7et lchi wa7ed, w hadik ssa3a nechri biha biiiimo
If I find a Dirham, I’ll check if it doesn’t belong to anyone, then will but with it a bimo (cookies)

yeah hhhh cheftha but i cant do nothin :smiley:
i really hate writing darija in arabic letters dunno why :s

thnx for the funny answer … actually i only wanted them to speak some darija :wink:

u reminded me of lil’ Fairouz’s song :smiley:
The topic is interesting btw, but I’m a bit shy to write in darija in front of Miss Doudi (Dodda, close your eyes plz :P)

ma3ana ryal ma3ana ryal :smiley:

l9it derham…l9it derham :rofl:

weeeeeeel…i’ll do what i always do when i find a “flooss” in the street —> bring it home & “burry” it with its sisters until i’m in need of them.

lol papers :roll:

id just leave it like ive done with most coins :cool:

ila lqayt derham ghadi nchouf yak ma mzawar

:save: ------------> £$£$£$£$£$


yala mchada fidi tfaya9ni walida min n3ass nod t3atalti 3la madarassa
when just i get it i heard my mom she like get up from your bed you late school today than i realise it was just a Dream lol hahaha :^^:

loooll summit

and u guys :fouet: i dont care what would u do with one derhem
i wanted u to speak darija
$$ù^ù$ù^ù all :neu:

Okay Mad, I really want to too.
For me, just wait a year y’all :stuck_out_tongue: and I’ll come with sth pure darijan (as s1 promised me)

hahahahahhahahahahahha ok ok c u next year :stuck_out_tongue:

ida l9eit 3ichrin rial ha ayit 3la sa7bi w ri nbeep 3lih w 9ata3 bach howa y3oud ayalia

hahahahahahahah good one

what does 9ata3 mean? i’ve heard it before and i’m dying 2 know its meaning…

In his context it means cut the line off (on phone)

well that will depend on my tutor, loll…lets w8 & c :stuck_out_tongue:

Allah y7fdek mate!

but it literally means to cut

and if cherrag was next to 9ta3, what would it mean… ie. cherrag 9eta3