Kingdom of Morocco

do u think we should stop callin morocco an arab country ? just coz there r a lot of moroccan who have amazigh as a mother tongue and not arabic …

well i dont know but i think they are not the majority, right?
Anyway, your anthem is in arabic, and you consider yourselves arab, and arabs too consider the same, you study fus7a…i mean just the same as Arabs when they also have some minorities (if amazigh are minority too)

When u say the Arab country, it’s not because people speak Arabic, but because they’re “supposedly” arabs.
Morocco originlly is not an arab country, it’s not geographically in Arabia, nor dimographically Arabs are the natives.

We got arabs, berbers, amazighs, jews & Sahara people…that’s why we are the “kingdom of Morocco” not the “arab/amazigh/sahrawi kingdom of Morocco”
but technically we speak arabic, & the arab race have been increasing ever since Islam got here (with the arabs), & all the other races speak arabic too, so we’re an arab country. However, the arab race is not what relates us to the other arab countries, but it’s Islam…therefore we shoud be the “Muslim kingdom of Morocco”, that’s the name that everybody will be satisfied with, including jews, cuz they know that we’re muslims (submitting) to the same God they worship.

Paperbird, I agree with the most that you exposed, but there is some puntuallisations that I would like to do :slight_smile:

They are “supposedly” arabs because they wanted / wants to be arabs. But we are talking of a minority, the elite. Now is diferent, you have television… :ok:

No, OFFICIALLY you speak arabic, that’s different. Is not till s. XX that the MAJORITY of Morocco spoke arabic. Before it was only a few rich citizens in the cities and in the palaces. The elites and the urban “burgesy”.

Are you sure? I think is the arab culture what’s been increased in Morocco… In terms of blood heritage, I think Morocco is yet 90 % (or more) amazigh -but I have no sources to be sure of that. And that’s normal, because when the arabs came (twice, they came in two big waves) they were only a few. A few powerfull warriors, but a few.

Of course, you’re right.

Morocco is officially a muslim country. So you are, it’s only a name question…

Again, and again with religion… let the jewish alone, please… This is straight ideology, your opinion. By the way, jewish people were not happy with this situation (most of them). So they ran away. Do you really know how many jews are in Morocco?

Do the info I get that “Moroccan jews are more persecuted in israel in compare to western jews” is right or wrong?

yeah, the name is what i meant :wink:

i’d be a hypocrite if i tell u i care about how jews feel, but what i know is not the majority that stayed…

what i said about worshippiong same god is not my opinion, it’s a fact, not cuz i saw it on news, but cuz jews themselves say it.

I just want to make clear that I didn’t say jews were persecuted in morocco.

Ah, and paperbird: of course ok for the just-one-god thing, you believers know better than me. The opinion that i meant is that: “everybody would be satisfied with…”. :^^:

duuuudes plz if ur gonna talk about jews and muslims in morocco … open a new thread in the religious forum :stuck_out_tongue: this is my thread :smiley:

anyway , im still waitin for a specialist to answer me :stuck_out_tongue: ( ur all arabs or gwar :smiley: i want an amazigh here )

duuuude c’mon u know why they went to israel and who went there … only poor jews did
why andré azolay didnt leave morocco ???
every year moroccan jews come back to morocco to celebrate sth ( dunno what is exactly ) … i met some of them in the train going to Safi and they were talkin like any moroccan immigrant ( we miss morocco , its the best country in the world , moroccan food … everythin )

ps- again :stuck_out_tongue: this is not a religious thread

Ouazzani, i said in israel not maghreb, which means that I think they are happy in morocco more

Sorry… :blush: was just explaining sth

I think we can define Morocco as a country of: Arabs, Jews, Berbers and other minorities, therefore a kingdom of ONLY arabs would not define it well, if course i’m not even moroccan so my opinion doesn’t really count as much, but I think there is still a huuuge community of berbers in morocco, who define themselves as berber and not arab, and im not speaking of a minority (correct me if im wrong)… many many moroccans i met call themselves berber and not arab, even if they can’t speak berber… of course i can’t speak for the whole of morocco, but i think calling it an “Arab Kingdom” would not be nice for many people who live in the country and do not consider themselves arab… and i have to say that i am also against the Amazigh movement groups who are trying to “cleanse” the country from Arabs/arab culture… and i am equally against the laws that have been put in place which are limiting many rights for Amazigh people…

sorry about the headache folks, its morning here, thought i’ll give my morning lecture :slight_smile:

That’s me :ok: but i’m only 1/2 berber, cuz my father only is berber, my mother is not.
in fact, only my father’s parents were berbers…besides our family name does not sound berber but arabic, so i’m not positive of my exact origins…i’m arab/berber/rif…& perhaps an israelite !! who knows…

Interesting :smiley:

so this is why i hate it when people are excessively proud of where they come from, coz none of us know where we are REALLY from. I know turks are so fanatic about being turk and who hate kurds because they think they are inferior to them, but these stupid turks don’t realise that they might well be of kurdish / arab / persian origins… who knows?

anyway this topic is interesting, I think people will have diff opinions

edit: I meant, i know turks who*

lol it sounds like im bashing on all turks no no noooo :stuck_out_tongue:

bah c le cas de la majorité des marocains … un melange entre plusieurs race koi
personelement chui un pur arabe mais mes parents parle tachel7it vue ke lendroi dou on vien on etai une minorité arabe entre des berbers … alors on (ma fami ze3ma) a apri le berber pr s’adapter :slight_smile:
moi par contre puisk chui né a meknes javai pa besoin du chel7a … alors mat3elemthach
comme a di lalla aisha on est contre les extrimistes berberes et aussi contre tte descrimination contre la culture amazigh …
bref , on a vecu 12 siecles ensemble sans probleme … alors prk cherché 14h a midi :stuck_out_tongue:

LOOL did you see my post in the game section :stuck_out_tongue: and made a topic about it
Well i don’t think it should be called an arab country at all, since there are not only Arabs in Morocco, there are actually more Imazighen (Berbers) than Arabs, but more Arab speakers, there are other nationalities too. And i also think that Tamazight should be official language with Arabic. And the Berbers should be given the same rights as any other citizens in Morocco.

Don’t get me wrong i’m not a berberiste lol i don’t support Amazigh extremist movements neither, but i’d like to see more rights given to the Amazigh ppl.

what’s “more rights” supposed to mean ?! what do others have that berbers don’t ?

hahhaha paper i was planning to ask her the same question :stuck_out_tongue:
and pay attention tafoukt … even arabs in morocco cant name their children whatever they want … so the list of ban is for every moroccan :wink:

another question : what do u mean by amazigh as an official language :smiley: looollll u know that this language sux and its not me who said that … amazigh ppl all around morocco …
actually , there are tarifit , tachl7it and tassoussit ( correct me if im wrong ) , everyone of them is different , they have few things in common i agree but u cant teach a Rifi a new language called tamazight which is a bridge between all those languages :S
ok in that case we’ll need to consider each one of them an official language … arabic + french + tachl7it + tarifit + tassoussit + ‘’ ppl in the north will choose spanish they dont care about french + ppl in the sahara has a diff language called 7assania + DARIJA ofcourse which is not an official yet = that gives already 8 official languages :open_mouth: WTF

first , dont consider Darija ‘‘arabic’’ ok … my mother tongue is darija and i learnt arabic as any amazigh in morocco … so we r in the same boat .
2nd , we need a language to gather us not to separate us :s ( and they’ve chosen arabic coz of islam quran … )

PS- all that doesnt mean that i want morocco to be called an arab country :stuck_out_tongue:

I never know that about Morocco! 8 languages?! that reminds me of India

so what do you personally prefer it to be called then? Seems you want to consider it Independent at all by itself…

we r moroccans muslims thats all …

where’s English :fouet: why are we english speaking people have no attention in this country :mad: