Kinda Hot Seat

what about this game, counting from 1 to 10, and the member whose turn is number 10 will choose a member and ask her/him an embarrassing question :stuck_out_tongue: well not so embarrassing or absurd ones. Lets everyone enjoy playing :wink:

it’s kinda like “hot seat” or the like, but instead of choosing a member to ask them, we will hasten being number 10 to ask :wink: [and since that I’m the creator of the game, no1 will ask me a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g :P]

that member who will be chosen btw, will then answer and starts from #1, safi?

I hope u’ll like it.
I say 1




(u’r gonna reach 10 if we kept playing alone ;))

looool nnoooo :stuck_out_tongue:

people yalla joinn


edit: i mean 4 :stuck_out_tongue:


think twice it’s ur chance :stuck_out_tongue:

nooo have mercy on me :stuck_out_tongue:



oh, i’m having, it’s ur chance to ask :wink:





hahaha 10 :wink:
I have now Aicha and Touta to ask, since now I’m sure they’ll have a look over here and nchallah will be back…

dont worry, questions just to get to know you, and it would be ur turn then to number one, ok? :slight_smile:
My question, did you get that 1st impression about someone over here but you later found it was a wrong impression? (if you dont want to say the member’s name, ok, but just say what you thought of her/him and what you have found later)?

No problem :stuck_out_tongue: I can answer, I prefer to be clear with everybody always.

As I said before I know about this forum a long time… And before coming here like a member I had my opinion about all of you… I mean just active SMmembers of course :slight_smile:

And I really like everybody here. I think otherwise I would prefer just to enter here in guest status… lool
So… No :slight_smile: I m not dissapointed at all :wink:

My opinion abt everyone is just getting better day by day.
lol I care just about not to break smth here :stuck_out_tongue: because I m new.
Sorry if I do smth wrong :slight_smile:

Thank you for question, Gretchen :wink:

And 1

& thanks for the answer touta :slight_smile:
here 2

I thought we could also ask even members who did not join the game lolll
Oh, gretchen, you said number 1 would ask you anything, then you started the game yourself with 1, and you didn’t ask yourself anything lollll
Ma3lich, got the idea. Beware when Mad joins (LOL).



wuahahahahahahahahahahaha naughty questions are coming …thnx gigi for the game :stuck_out_tongue:


haaaaa… I waited Mad’s coming… loooooooool


members outside the game yeah, but who knows f they’re following us or not, that’s was just the reason :wink:
u’r welcome Mad, [rabena yustor]

dunno where this weired game gonna take me, nut…

7 :cool:


wait & see m7moud :wink:



men are optical or visual by nature, so as far as i (or i think we all) get the impression about you that every and any girl or woman at the street u would be looking at her? To that extent, or in fact u’r like other boys who are attracted by specific characters?