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hi people…im a filipina having morrocan boyfriend…hes teaching me morrocan language and im learning step by step…little by little.i wanna learned more…i will be glad if i will know too much morrocan words until i can talk to him and to his family in morrocan language.his mom cant talk too much english and i always make her laugh everytime i will speak morrocan…basic words like bossni daba,labbas,smah liya,msati,ghadi ndabhak.laynl Tabn mha*KK,fin ghadi,fineck?,bnin, thats all i know…whenever i want my bf to be happy i will send him some comments in his facebook but befor i will send i will ask him first how i will translate it in morrocan…its not nice,…i want to surprise him and his frnds that i can talk morocan …i hope u can help me guys…i wanna know more about morrocans attitude and beliefs… i can also sing one morrocan song that my baby boy tought me… “nini ya momo tayteeb ashana ala matab ashana iteeb asha gerana.” :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum latika lfilipiniyya :stuck_out_tongue: You will learn heaps of things on this lovely forum i assure you :wink:
Which country are you from? and what kind of phrases do you want to learn?
Oh and i see you’ve already started some intensive derja exploration :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: great!
Keep it up and see you around!

Thallayi fraseki (Take care - feminine form, if you want to say it to a male you would say thalla frasek, note the th isn’t like the one in english, u actually articulate the t and h as seperate letters t-halla) :slight_smile: Ciao

p.s Nice name

Hey latika!
glad ur interested in the moroccan language!

i assure u that u will learn lots of words and ohrases over here!

see u around!

mr7ba bik latika !


shukran … add me in facebbok and frnster if u have people… *** thank u so much for welcoming me

I edited your message to remove the e-mail address. It’s for your best, you don’t want to be flooded with spam. People can message you in private and you can give them your e-mail.

Please don’t post the same translation request many times. One time is enough, we already replied to some of your requests, please check your notifications, or check the translations forum for that.

im sorry …cos i really dont know how to use still learning…ok yeah ur right thank u for ur concern…thank u…mwahhh

Can you see the replies you got to your requests?

madam friend,for the translation i didnt saw the answers yet,…im still lookin where i can see…smah liya habibi

Alright, check these links:

And here.

thank u so much