Khanz? what does it mean?

I know that ‘khanzir’ is pig, is this some kind of abbreviation for ‘khanzir’?

Thanks :slight_smile:

No. Khanz is stinky.

Khanza is stinky too, but it can also mean b****. FYI.

Haha okay :smiley: thanx a lot DL :hap:

hahahhahahahha ok DL is totally right
but there is an extention to khanz in darija , for example a woman calls a child : aji alkhanz bouss khaltk
DL what about this ???

lol you only call kids who still have their diapers on lkhanz, so yes, you do refer to the stinky side in a teasing way.
We Moroccans tend to call each other names only when we are really close. If you tell a stranger’s baby in the street “boussni a lkhanz” you sure will get a slap from his mother “malk shemmetih?” lollll

Haha thanks both of ya :slight_smile: :smiley:

looooooooooooooooooooooooolllll at malk chemitih :stuck_out_tongue:

btw it means : did u smell it ??

Thanks Madri, having fun on the forum this afternoon.

Koun dezti n3ammrou berrad dial atay w ndirou glia loollll

safi wejdi lguelssa hani ndouz njib chi m3essel wl fakher :stuck_out_tongue:
fin sakna be3da :stuck_out_tongue: ???

If you mean tmer m3essel, mer7ba, nhar kebir hada.
If you mean the other me3essel, then jme3 rasek amoulay.

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wa llaaaaaaaaaaaa mafhemtinich loollll l7elwa lfilalia ze3ma hhhh
wagoulili fin a bent nass

Chna hia l7elwa lfilalia 3awtani?
Ana fi mintaqa ma3roufa wa okhra ghayr majhoula hhhhh

hahahahhahahahaha moshkila m3a hadi
wa goulili mnin nti ngoulk chno hya l7elwa lfilalia :stuck_out_tongue:

Ze3ma hak wara bla 7zara, yaka?

L7elwa lfilalia sahla… hiya 7alwatoun 3ala shakil fililen.

safi nti mn z7iliga snit 3lik a shikamara

Nta elli moshkila m3ak, ma 3reftch mnin katjib had lmostala7at. Zidek z7iliga ma 3raftehach chna hia. Wach dakchi lli kat3allmouh f sbalyoun?

Sorry Tafoukt for hijacking your thread :smiley:

hahhahaahahahhahahah DL if u didnt know what it z7iliga tu doi pensé about ta marocanité hhhhhhh
and no i didnt learn this in spain :stuck_out_tongue: thats 100 % made in morocco
wa goulili mnin nti bach n3ref l module lli nkhedem m3ak :stuck_out_tongue:

3lach ze3ma? Kolla w modulatou? Khellik f ddlam edan, jerreb lmoudulat kamlin 7tta yesdaq lik chi wa7ed.
Seriously, I don’t know what z7liga means. Do you want me to open a thread to request it to be translated? :stuck_out_tongue:

hahahahhha that cant be translated lol ur gonna waist ur time :stuck_out_tongue:
ppl in the south may not know it :smiley:

Or people living abroad :stuck_out_tongue:
So what iz it?