Just stopping by to say Hello ....

I have a man in Casablanca (sounds like a novel by Graham Greene, doesn´t it?) and we want to get married this summer … I have started learning Arabic a few months ago - but Besh Arabic, not Moroccan - and find that that is simply NOT enough.

So I want to get tucked into Moroccan as well … ufff.

I myself am from Germany, but have been around quite a bit in the world, especially in the Orient from India to Morocco … I speak Urdu/Hindi and always and rather hope that Arabic and Moroccan won´t cause me toooooo much pain.

I shall be stopping by with cries for HELP! quite often, no doubt.

Enjoy your day, y´all … Ila liqaa!


hello welcome

Welcome Orlando. You might want to make a small correction; the “Website” link of your profile now publicly displays your e-mail address. That’s an open invitation for spam mail. m3a salama.

Hmmmmmmm … when I click onto the website link, it directs me to my website on multiply … ???

Thanks for the welcome.

m3a salama

Welcome on board!

When I click on your website link I get a little pop-up from my browser: [quote]Sie sind dabei, sich bei der Website “multiply.com” mit dem Benutzernamen “silviaw” anzumelden, aber die Website benötigt keine Authentifizierung. Dies könnte ein Versuch sein, Sie zu täuschen.

Soll die Website “multiply.com” wirklich aufgerufen werden?[/quote]

I fixed it … you can safely click on it now!


Welcome Orlando!
hope u enjoy!
see u around

Welcome to Speak Moroccan, Orlando.

What did you mean by Besh Arabic by the way? We’ll be here to answer your cries for help, don’t worry.

See you around.

mr7ba bik Orlando !