Just got back from Morocco

Well for the month of January, I was in Morocco. Didn’t get a chance to check the forums out when I was their, as I was extremely busy.

Every time I come back to Canada, I am sad… And wish I could of stayed longer.

This time around in Morocco, I got my citizenship their. So now I am dual nationality! HAHA…

Anyone else have plans on going to Morocco anytime soon?

WOW congrats stealth, lucky youuu. I’m thinking end of this year going to Turkey and then for a day or two (or a week depending on how things go) dropping by to Morocco/Algeria inshaaaAllah ya RAB. How was everything? anything you’d like to advise/recommend/warn us about? or just explain some of your cool experiences and the places you went to (if you don’t mind of course)

Welcome back.

Thanks. InshAllah you can go to Turkey and Morocco/Algeria.

Everything was good alhamdoulilah! I am used to their as I have traveled their a lot. And been their 3 times this past year.

This time around I went to Agadir (Where I live, when I go back home), Rabat, Marrakesh, Sidi Ifni, Taroudant (where most my family is). Didn’t have a lot of time to travel, as I had other priorities. :stuck_out_tongue:

For most non-Moroccan people, it is recommended to check out Marrakesh. My self, I don’t mind the place if you are staying their for a couple days, but any longer, I would probably get bored easily; so I would recommend going to a nice city with a beach. But the reason I say this is because I am accustomed to Morocco, and the things other people might find interesting in that city, I don’t…

I personally like Agadir. Rabat is also very nice, a lot to do their.

If you go to Casablanca, you must go see the Hassan II Mosque. Sub7anAllah it is very nice!

Their is a lot of places to go and see. Myself I would like to go see the Sahara Desert, Fes, and Tanger.

Welcome back, stealth. Did you see how cold Agadir was in January? It even rained a few times :D.
Dâbâ wllîtî mghrîbi kanadî :hap:. Was it a smooth process? Or much bureaucracy as usual?

Thanks SM.

It was cold, but not too bad, had a few warm days. Taroudant was colder!

I got to see snow in Morocco. It snowed on the highway through the mountains, as I left Chichawa (sp?)

HAHA yes Mghribi Kanadi now! No it was not a smooth process. Like usual, you had to know someone, to get things done. Thankfully we knew some people here and their that worked in the government.

I even got to go to court and speak in front of people to get registered lol.

Got 3 traffic tickets while I was their. Good thing they are cheap in Morocco, and you can get them reduced, if you know what I mean. :wink:

But like always, I enjoyed my time their with the family!

Hold on there, I just couldn’t let this pass: You wrote “there” as “their”… 11 times! :hap: Sum-sing is wrong?

That said, yes, it does snow in Morocco, it’s just that we - Agadir people - always took it for granted that every Moroccan gets their share of sun even in the winter.

You spoke in Darija f lm7kama? 3aaaaaafakom 3tiwni ljinsiyya :D.

Sad thing how you have to bribe people to get them doing their jobs in Morocco. I never like to do that.

Congratulations, Stealth!!!

Oh, and thank you SM; you must have known I was biting my tongue on those "their"s. Hehehehe

HaHaHa! Good one! Stealth, you must know that you have some “sharp” eyes around here :mdr:.

It’s nice to see that there is more than one person on the site at this time. I know you wanted to say something about me, but you were afraid to hurt my feelings.

Can anyone say “O.C.D.”? It’s helpful to have a little bit of it; it keeps you organized. Unfortunately, having too much of it can make you into a monster of sorts… a cute, Hijab-wearing monster, but a monster, nonetheless…

Makes me clueless.
Have no idea what you just said.

@ earlier:
I wasn’t afraid to hurt your feelings, I was afraid of you, you’re online too :D.

Let’s not sabotage Stealth’s topic :D.

Makes me clueless.
Have no idea what you just said.

@ earlier:
I wasn’t afraid to hurt your feelings, I was afraid of you, you’re online too :D.

Let’s not sabotage Stealth’s topic :D.[/quote]
Now I know what O.C.D is :hap:.

Okay, Dear Little Miss SM; you are afraid of me? Somehow I doubt that…

As far as O.C.D. goes, it is an acronym for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. That is the sort of behavior which leads people to line up all of the shoes in order from biggest to smallest, or, to clean the mirrors in the bathroom three times a day, because they are not as dazzlingly clean as they could, in a perfect world, be… or makes people jump in to point out that ‘pass time’ and ‘past time’ are different concepts, and explain in nauseating detail what those differences are. Do you understand now, Habibty?

Yes, I actually looked it up before you explained, because I looked completely dorky. :hm:

See, the amount of time I spent explaining it was longer than it took you to go and find out yourself AND post it. I am a basket case, no?

:mdr: No no, not at all. :^^:

SM, I thought I would take a moment to say ‘Good bye’ to you, as we seem to be having a conversation of sorts. I must go help al Marayam with their homework now, so I’ll be signing off.

Stealth, I encourage you to take back your topic now. Sorry for the digression. I’m glad you had a good trip, and we all want to hear how you addressed the assembly in the courthouse.


Thanks, Ummaryam.

The floor is yours, stealth.

HAHA no problem!

Yea, as for there and their. I am sick, and well that is my only good excuse. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well the Judge called my name. Asked if it was me. And I replied yes. Then he asked me for 3aked tziad (birth certificate). Asked where I was born, in which I replied. He tried to pronounce it, but didn’t do a good job. Then my uncle helped him pronounce it, as he came up later on to help distribute my paper work.

Overall it went pretty smooth in the court house. But before that it was weeks of running around. Going all over the country for information and paperwork. :S

Mabruk stealth ! :D:D