Just got back from Morocco

Allah barik feek.

Oh wowwww, mashaAllah you had a fab time, was worth the trip.

I can’t help but to notice the OCD diagnosed people in this forum :lol: kidding, i too have something similar to that but it’s at its peak when people say ‘am’ rather than ‘i am’ :S i just hate that, but other than that i’m quite a grammar rule breaking, homophone using english speaker too :smiley:

Anyway, you’ve been to heaps of places and that’s just wonderful, i AM noting down all the places and sites you just mentioned in my ‘Where to Go in the Future’ notebook (yes, i try to be organised, its a complete failure most of the time)

And about the priorities, i think i know what they are, inchaAllah all goes well and smoothly, lah y3wnek with everything :wink:


Thanks MPM. Lah y3wnek hta intiya.



Allah barak feek!