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My name is Shaykh Rasheed Husayn from Canada user name is Husayn134 I just wanted to make a comment about alot of the muslim girls these days I do not understand how believing women are attracted to men who are not muslims. They prefer a kafir over a nice man from the ummat of Muhammad
there are so many beautiful muslim guys out here that would treat a lady right. I do not oppose a marriage to a non muslim but he has to revert back to islam before he can be with our ladies not just get married to the lady and then revert back to his ways I stress this mostly for the women becauce if they are not religious and they get married to a non muslim they will eventually lose their deen they will be a muslim just in name Islam is a deen of action. If they want the life of this world they shall surely have but what about working for our hereafter you see there is the sunna of Muhammad peace b upon him and then there is the sunna of the devil I think our young people need to put their heads straight
put Allah first in everything you do and that includes liking a boy or a girl we want to protect our deen because when we get older there will be no turning back to do good deeds just alot of regret and these young people especially the women will regret this and they will wonder what they have done with their live they will grieve to be with their people the muslims what about the children if they are not taught from small about theit deen they will grow up just saying my dad or mom was a muslim and they will not what is La ilaha illallah Muhammadar-Rasulullah Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam
I urge the young girls to marry amongst the ummat of Muhammad there are more blessings for you being modern means following Islam and at the same time you strive for the good things in this life without neglecting your deen and your Lord It is time to become smart and time to stop being backwards our young people are doing fornication with each other and with disbelieving men and women before they get a Islamic marriage and thus become blesses there are alot of nice people to but this directed to some of our youth who think they are being modern when in fact they are destroying themselves many of the girls love these white men some off you should know Nabi Ibraheem was not a white man he had black wavy hair an oval face arked eyebrows full lips v hairline neither man or women have not this beauty some of our ladies are to proud to be with a white man and they pass on you when you say salaam and you are from their people I meam muslims arabs are not a white race they are semetic but they have mixed up with the europeans as well as other races they are a colored people being colored does not mean being dark you can be very fair my thing is stop overlooking your people who love you and running towards disbelievers this message is for some of our youth not all

This Is Shaykh Rasheed I made some mistakes sorry for that and I just want say I am not perfect myself so I do not think I am superior to anyone I want what is best for our people. If I do not say anything I will be accountable for this by Allaah I know that there are alot of nice people but we have to bring our people back .Love of the dunya will cause a loss to our religion.

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Thanks for the message, but wasn’t that out of context? Or you just felt you had to post that somewhere for the sake of da3wa?
A part from that, are you joining us to learn Moroccan Arabic?

Assalamou alaykoum Husayn134,

I would say read Surah 2 ayah 213.

My name is Shaykh Rasheed Husayn now in what way is what i said out of context i thought this is a forum for any time of topic and by the way I did not generalize every one I said some people not all why is it when the truth comes out people get mad we are all responsible for our deen we are one body. I think that there are alot of very pious women out there I said some of our ladies and another thing it is the women who taught alot of the tabieen Lady Aisha RA and Umm Salama RA they are the best of the people. we should encourage each other in good works and when something is out of place we should speak up. By the way according to the Shafi i mathhab the women has to marry a muslim and there some very pious women who marry non muslims but those people revert back to there deen and become the best of the people. I am saying we should consider the muslims first they deserve the first right and by the way there is a party of salvation among the People of the book and among the Bani Israel but those people were muslims they did not say son of Allah or trinity they believed in one God Allaah those people will go to Jannah because they followed their Prophet’s peace be upon them. and by the way all countries are beautiful my background is Indian but my forefathers on my mom and dad’s side are from
Baghdad Iraq and we are from the Qadiriyya Sufi order of Sayyid Abdal Qadir Jilani The Gawthul Atham RA
What I am saying is put Allah in all of our affairs just as we respect our parents what about Allaah and His beloved Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi wa Sallam so do not get me wrong I said some of our young people not all there are women who put me to shame in piety I am just saying something I noticed amongst the young people especially some of our young ladies and this also includes the boys they should give the muslim women first right in everything

Assalamu alaikum

Ya Akhi (khoya) you said, “By the way according to the Shafi i mathhab the women has to marry a muslim,” do you really believe this? It is a matter of the Shari’ah, a hukm shar’i, that a Muslimah is never allowed to marry a non-Muslim. This is not just a matter of Shafi’i fiqh. During the time when the Rasulullah, alahi salat wa salam, was alive, if a woman converted to Islam and her husband did not, then Nabi Muhammad, alaihi salat wa salam, required them to seperate. He never let a Muslimah remain with a non-Muslim. I would suggest that you read up on fiqh before you advise someone. By the way, those that are Muslims in this forum, and there are many who are not, however, for those that are Muslims, seing that most are from Maghrib, (Maroc) they are most likely Maliki’s. So, if you want to teach you should learn some Maliki fiqh. I am not intending to upset you, rather just putting some light where there seems to be none.

Wa Salam

Assalamu alaikum,

As a matter of reference Shaikh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani, rahmatullahi alaihi, followed the Hanbali madhhab. Hujjat al-Islam, Imam al-Ghazali, rahmatullahi alaihi, was a Shafi’i faqih.

Wa Salam

Assalamu 3alaykom!
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Husayn, I personally didn’t get mad or anything. We basically do not ban posts in this forum unless they are really out of order. I was just trying to understand what made you come up with this subject.

This is Husayn by the way for the who said akhi read carefully what I said the only way a non muslim can marry to muslim women is if he reverts back to Islam I said according to the shafi i mathhab a muslim women cannot marry a non muslim she has to marry a muslim but if the man reverts back to his deen of Islam he is muslim then read carefully before talk nonsense if a person reverts back to his deen of Islam he is a muslim and therefore he can marry a muslim women