Salamuleekum! Ana ithan jadeeda! Im trying to learn Darija through peace corps manual. I also know a shwiya MSA, but I’m really trying to learn Moroccan. Yes, I’m married to a Moroccan for 5yrs now! Glad to find this forum! I’ve been reading some of the posts, and people seem to be really good. I looked at the lessons, but don’t see any conjugations of verbs anywhere???


Welcome to Speak Moroccan, Julie.
I can see that you do know MSA from the ithan part ;). I hope that you’ll find all you need here, and as you noticed, there are no conjugations in here. I never got around doing them, people usually refer to the PC manual.

See you around!

Hello Julie :wink:

Nice to meet you!

Ithan welcome Julie :smiley:
wa 3likom assalam

wa alikom essalam
mr7ba bik Julie :smiley:

mer7aba julie