italian newcomer

As-salamu 3alykum!

My name is Andrea, I live in Pisa, and I am going to go hiking in Jbel Toubkal this summer. I am looking forward to it and in the meanwhile I am trying to pick up some words in Arabic, both Fu67a and Darija… and maybe Tamazight, who knows?

Warm greetings to all!

Hello, Andrea! Nice to meet you!

Sure, here u will find what ur looking for :wink:


It’s foss7a not fo67a


It’s foss7a not fo67a[/quote]
Thank you! I thought that sad was transcribed as 6 in chat alphabet. I’ll have to learn that too!



Welcome on board Andrea!

Thank you! Nice pictures on your flickr site!


Choukran Andrea :slight_smile: