My name is Angie. I’ve been living in Kenitra, Morocco since 2003, though don’t let this fool you. As sad and embarrasing as it is I still don’t seem to manage my babyish babbling of a few words. I can write more than I can speak. I’m glad this site is available so I can try to “wet my feet” without feeling so anxious to get it right or frustrated for not being understood… once again.

I’m registered in the Yahoo group to learn Moroccan Arabic and that’s where I found out about this site. Also, I’ve been using the Peace Corps manual that is available online. I like it but I’ve done the exercises so much and now I really want the opportunity to try my own sentences at my own level and with a supporting audience such as this. I’m still kind of stuck with the verbs… so many of them… However, I’m starting my fourth year in Morocco, I’m determined that this time I’m going to succeed. I’m more than ready to join in my in-laws conversations. I’m tired of being on “mute” all the time (LOL).

Well, take care.


Mr7ba bîk m3âna a Angie. :slight_smile:

How has life been in Kenitra so far? 3-4 years must be quite some time to be able to know the city now.
As for darija, the environment must be helpful for you to learn it faster than if you were learning it while living outside of Morocco, I believe. So how come you lack of opportunities to practice speaking? Being embarassed won’t help you, you know.
Do you have any neighbours to chit chat with from time to time? If they spoke English, or if you spoke French, that would be a plus to be able to switch between languages when stuck.

I hope you’ll get a lot of practice from this forum. :slight_smile:

Here you are introducing yourself Angie, the first member to do so :).
Nice name by the way, sounds Egyptian to me…Strange enough, but I heard it many times in Egyptian movies.

As you said, this forum is the right place for you to practice your darija with no worries. Inshallah we’ll have a larger audience soon enough. In the meanwhile, we’ll be more than glad to help you.

Welcome on board, and hope that you’ll like it around :).

[quote=Bnita]Mr7ba bîk m3âna a Angie. :slight_smile:

As for darija, the environment must be helpful for you to learn it faster than if you were learning it while living outside of Morocco, I believe. So how come you lack of opportunities to practice speaking?[/quote]
Asalamu alaikum, Bnita:

Well, you’re right, I can find plenty of Moroccans speaking Darija all around me :lol: but I also find many people speaking English to me either because they want to make me feel at ease or because they want to practice their English skills, so either way I’m at lost … Excuses? One: you’re right to say I feel embarrased. You know, learning a language at 40 is a major thing (at any age actually). One of the main issues for language learners is anxiety and somehow my anxiety level has not decreased and “my teachers” haven’t help much either. So, that’s why I’m looking for places where I can express myself without feeling so incompetent for babbling like a 2 year old :smiley:

Take care


Salam Angie,

This forum is quiet for sure, but only at the beginning hopefully. Feel free to open as many threads as you want, and we’ll be glad to share your babbling. :slight_smile:

Hi, My name is Gabriela and I am Mexican just married to a Moroccan from Casablanca. :smiley: We live in US and we communicate in our poor English. :frowning: I really would like to learn moroccan and one day be able to communicate with my in laws. I am looking for anything that can help me to learn the lenguage. Articles, books, cds, online courses, etc. Any help will be really appreciate. :smiley:

How much moroccan I know? salamaleco, shukran, enshuff, akoul, arije, naz, el brrrt, sjun, horbs, melja, helma, madraza, atene buza and safi.
ohhh and: Nene mu mu taite bechana la mata bechana te bese llerana. :smiley: practicing for my mu mu in sha la.

Thank you for developing sites like this one.


Welcome to you Gabriela :slight_smile:
As you could see, our website provides you at this stage with basic lessons that can help you understand the grammar structures and build some basic vocabulary (more to come inshallah). So you have all you need to get started. :wink:

I didn’t get half of the words you wrote, could be because of the transliteration à_à!

As for the song, it’s nicely funny to see you writing it! :smiley: We learn that since our very early years, because we use it while playing momies with our dolls :wink:

I thought of rewriting the short song for you and translating it, in case you don’t already understand it all.

Nînni ya mômmo Sleep little baby
Htta ytib "shâna Till our dinner is cooked (/ready)
Ila mâ Tâb "shâna And if our dinner isn’t (cooked/ready)
ITîb "sha jîrânna Our neighbours’ dinner will be (cooked/ready)

Ninnî is the kids’ way to say the imperative verb n"s.

Wow!! Nice!!! Thank you very much for all your greetings… now I know what the song means!! :smiley: I dont know what transliteration means but I am resarching it right now. :smiley: The moroccan I wrote it is how I think it sounds… hehehe… but of course I would like to learn the right way!! :smiley:

Thank you so much. :smiley:

You’re most welcome :slight_smile:
Transliteration is the way you write words in another script, like it’s the case for darija written with latin letters.
For the way you wrote it, it was obvious that it’s the way you hear it, because you didn’t separate words correctly. Now you can repeat it over…the right way :wink:
You can check the general indications article on the site (, which will help you figure out the symbols we are using here as you are not familiar with them yet.

See you around. :8

Salamu Alaikum, Gabriela!

I’m Angie, also from Mexico (Monterrey). I live in Morocco permanently and yes, when I met my husband, he was learning English. What did we do? Well, he would speak French to me and I spoke Spanish to him (of course, very simple sentences as neither one of us is nearly fluent in the other language ?!)… until he finally learned English and now that’s all we speak :frowning: because our kids didn’t learn Spanish, Daarija or French. Oh well, now both kids know besides English, French and Daarija. It’s now my turn to come to level so I can say everything I’ve been keeping inside. My in-laws think I’m very quiet. Yeah, right! It’s just I don’t have the words to say my stories, he, he. In any case, m’rhaba to this group.

Ohh My God!! From Monterrey!! Me tooo!! Well not exactly but very close !!! I am from Linares. I am so happy to meet you!!! Looks like we have a lot of in common. I used to live in Monterrey while I was doing my major. Now I live in Houston, TX since 1999 :smiley:
Some times I say that I am from Monterrey because a few people know Linares. :frowning:

My husband is from CasaBlanca. I went there in 2003 when we first got engaged. I went on vacation with my friends to Eurpoe and while I was there I decided to go to Casablanca to meet his family. I called him from France and asked him if it was ok to visit his family in Morocco and he loved the idea!! :smiley: My friends continue the trip in France and I flew to Casablanca by myslef. I stayed there for 3 or 4 days. That trip has been one of the most wonderful experiences in my life!!! Every body was so nice and kind to me… I met all my in laws!! I did not understand them anything they did not speak English or Spanish and I knew no word in Arabic/Moroccan/Daarija but I was so happy to be there.

And you!! What part of Morocco? How long have you been married? How is your life? Sorry too many questions… I am just so excited and happy that I am meeting a person in the same situation like me!! :smiley:

M’rhaba to everbody and sorry for my long story!! :smiley:

Hi again girls :).

So you really do have much in common! And I am sure of one more thing that must be applied to your both cases: every time you say something in Darija, you make your in laws happy, right? :wink:

And no worries Gabriela, that wasn’t a long story. We know a little better now :).

So your kids speak Darija? Wow, well done :slight_smile:

Hey Angie, long time no see :).

Oh, sorry. I’m still around but I’ve been kind of busy, plus sick, plus plain tired (LOL). Kulshi labas? Allhamdulillah.


[quote=daarijalearner]Oh, sorry. I’m still around but I’ve been kind of busy, plus sick, plus plain tired (LOL). Kulshi labas? Allhamdulillah.

Don’t be sorry! W Allah yshafik :slight_smile:
Kulshi bikhir.