as salaam aleikum! have been interested inmaghreb al aqsa for 32 years (i am 57). for a living i drive a truck. being lazy i get by speaking french and a small amount of classical arabic/darija mix. the first time i visited was in the hippy days, 1976 and stayed 6 months (2 of them as a guest of the governor of “ain cadouz” prison civlie de fez) as you know, english people are not good at speaking other languages and although i learned french at school, it wasn’t that i had to speak it that i learned it properly. it was only on my last visit 2007 when i had learned a little classical arabic that i was told that although moroccan people understood what i was saying, it sounded odd! i think the only way for me to learn to speak darija well would be to stay in morocco for some time.

welcome abdangie!

Wa 3alaykom assalâm :).
Welcome to the forum, abdangie. I hope that you’ll find it useful, and that you’ll get to improve your Darija with us.
Just a little curiosity, what does your nickname stand for? Is that Abd like in Abdullah?

mr7ba bik abdangie ! :welcome:

Welcome among us :slight_smile:

Well, it’s true that all Arabic countries don’t use Classical Arabic in conversations and… But since you know the Classical Arabic, it won’t be difficult for you to learn Darija. Good luck !

Welcome :welcome: :slight_smile:

welcome abdangie, yes the best way is to practice just make sure to stay away from driving the truck while staying Morocco :slight_smile: j/k
welcome aboard.

welcome, abdangie :smiley:
you’re right, the best way to learn is to be there !!!
i wish i could go there :frowning:

ana asif; too long since i first posted: angie is my wife and i am her slave! hope to stay for a few weeks in tetouan and take an intensive course in darija. why tetouan? spent some time there many years ago, closest to england (best for coach travel; don’t like airplanes). if i do come it will be after ramadan!