Intro of "old" member

ahlan kulshi,

smiti Cathy, and I actually have been a member for several months, but I don’t think that I ever posted an intro. I was just too busy with working, taking a class and running my own darija yahoo groups. I live in the US with my husband who is Moroccan (Moroccan-American now). One of the owner/moderators of this forum was kind enough to help me with questions in my groups, while my husband can’t help. shukran, SimplyMoroccan! You’re the greatest! :smiley:

shukran also for this forum! :^^:


Hi Cathy (Yep, that’s me!)
Welcome to the forums, I am glad to see you posting. :slight_smile: And if you need anything, you know where to find me besides yahoo :^^:
Mr7ba bik m3ana.

Welcome to the group Cathy!
You’ve just missed a drawing to win some wonderful Moroccan music CDs. But it’s okay, maybe you’ll be around for our next drawing.


Shukran for the welcomes! I have a question… In what section would I ask general questions about grammar?


In the exercices section, here.


to speak moroccan.