Imazighan zi Nador! Please help!2

As-salaam-u alaykum!

I’m born and live in the West but I’m originally thaqar3asht from Nador, Morocco.

I’m trying to teach my children thaqar3asht as we speak it in Nador and I have few relatives to help me with this.

Are there anybody in this forum from Nador that can help me with translating everyday words and sentences, so that I can teach my children?

Barak Allah-u fikoum

Thaqar3acht means tamazight or what ?? I can speak tamazight and darija if that what you need

Barak Allah-u fik for your answer, tinghir.

Thaqar3asht is one of the tamazight dialects we speak in the city of Nador. It’s heavily influenced by Spanish and French.

Are you familiar with this specific dialect?


Taqerɛect is a dialect of Tarifit, the variety of Tamazight spoken in the Rif region. I would recommend you to check out the following book:

“An Introduction to Tarifiyt Berber (Nador)” by Khalid Mourigh and Maarten Kossmann.

For Tarifit resourcs see:

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Barak Allah-u fik for your answer.

I will look for the book. The website you linked to is non-existing.

That’s on me, it’s my site and i lost access to the domain name tarifit me
It’s now on the domain and the resources he mentioned are on Tasedlist n Arrif | Tarifit

I recently made a forum where u could ask questions