I'm the new one

Hi everybody,
Looking for a site to learn Darija I happened to find this forum and find it very interesting.
I’m in love with Morocco and even more with my pretty moroccan wife with whom I’ve been married for almost four years now. We converse in different languages (French, Spanish, English and German) but it’s a shame that I don’t speak her native language yet. Keep your fingers crossed that I’ll make some progress very soon.

Salaam theo :wink:

Welcome to our house !

Sure you can find here everything you need and many helping hands :ok:

See you around

Welcome aboard ya Theo :slight_smile:

You are bound to learn some Darija in the forum so just browse around and ask questions and someone will help you :slight_smile:
Bsslema :slight_smile:

mre7ba bik the marrakchi, by far you’re probably the 2nd marrakchi we’ve had so far, the other one spoke darija though… and who said you can’t do it? inchallah you’ll learn a great deal here, i’m actually someone who started off with la bas, and now i can even insult in darija and tell somebody to get the hell away from me :smiley: big difference buddy.

see you around, and don’t forget to peruse the translation threads to learn some new stuff.

mer7aba theo good luck…what country do you come from

hhhhhh the curious ach is back :stuck_out_tongue: … ur the only one to ask that kinda questions dude hhhhh

anyway, welcome theo

Thanks to all of you for the warm welcome.
@admin: I am German but left the country long ago

P.S. my wife is quite happy that I finally start learning her language and she’s a good teacher.

so how exactly did you become polyglot may I ask?

jjjjjjjjjj yes well thats cool welcome feel free to send me your 500 dh sign up fee whenever bro.


@ mad: ikhrass ba2a everyone knows that u: Mad 9alil Ladab

hhhhhhhhhhh ach stop speakin masri :stuck_out_tongue: … we r in a darija forum … ppl may be confused loolll MAD playing the inocent :^^:

begad ya mad lazim tsabar ma3ia kont ba3id 3ankom wa dalwa9ti bo2i shaghal masri wa bas.

ok ok no harm :stuck_out_tongue: ill do the translation for the others dont worry :wink:
ach said that he was in jail and he was speakin only egyptian there coz he dropped the soap near an egyptian :smiley:

LOLLLLLLLLL 3iiiib a bacha

:flag:Hi everybody, I’ll be back soon and answer your questions Lalla Aicha and Adminfar9. I’m too busy right now.:okay:

take ur time while we wait, maybe we can use this thread to explore why mad always has to take it to a homoerotic level?? im worried about him??

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