I'm back

I missed you all, but I’ve been ill and problems with my provider, but all set and done now, they send me an new modem and I replaced it yesterday, and now I’ve a great connexion with a super high speed. I can surf on the world wide web like a rocket :^^:

Waww I missed a lot, I see, okay must start reading all the unread post now so I’m a bit busy:blink:

Welcome back, FataMorgana. I was wondering where you could possibly have been :). I am glad that you’re feeling better. Get busy posting, and see you around :).

welcome back to the Forum ! I thought you and others are having there summer vacation > :cool:

Haven’t heard from MarocRulz lately ??

I have. I met her online like 2 weeks ago or so. She is here in Morocco, enjoying her summer vacation ;).

After another silence periode I returned again. Had again some serieus troubles with my health but now its getting better, lhamdoulillah I hope it stays like this now, because it costs me a lot of energie to get better, feeling still a bit week, but I hope I’ll be fully recovered before the Ramadan starts incha Allah.

Ok I’m glad to be back, I missed you all :scrm:

Glad to see you back, FataMorgana :). I hope that you’ll be feeling better and better in sha Allah. Allah ykhlli lik s7i7tk :).
See you around!

shokran bzaff, SM !!

welcome back

Welcome back FataMorgana!
I don’t know how to say that in english but in french it gives : je crois très fort les doigts pour toi, so that your health getting better.:slight_smile:

Elise, that’s crossing fingers for her :).

Thank you Elise, I hope so too, incha Allah.

Welcome back FataMorgana ! :welcome:

I haven’t posted for a long time too I miss you all :slight_smile: