I'm back home...

After a short little trip to Chicago ( and no internet access @ the hotel), I am back in Texas. I am excited to get back on my lessons and look forward to my continued study! I am excited!!!


Welcome home Celina !

Welcome back home :smiley:

Welcome back Celina.
To keep others informed about my adoption for you :^^:: We had met once on msn and had a chat for 2h30. We studied some basic stuff, and worked mainly on pronunciation. Celina was confused about the kh sound as she kept reading it as the Mexican J (not the Spanish one), but she could perfectly say 7 without any difficulties or instructions from me.
We’ll keep posting on the forum about what we do on msn.

Yes I did (do) have difficutly with the kh. I have since tried to go over the sounds with plenty of practice. If anyone would like to have the mp3 files on the words I practiced that I believe are correct, let me know.

Keep practicing!!