I'm another one who loves to join this community :)

Hey you all!
My name is Julia and I’m very happy that I found this great community to learn Maroccan Arabic!
I hope there is a chance for me to get in touch with a lot of nice people here. I’m from Germany and a month ago I’ve done my first travel to Marocco! It was such a great experience that I need to visit this beautiful country again as soon as possible :wink: I know that the atmosphere in Ramadan is very special and I’d loved it!! I’ve tried to suck up all of these emotional conditions I was part of. It was also my first touch with Islam and it had a great attraction on me.
So I’m very courious to get to know some of you guys!

bye and Bslama :wink:

Thats very interesting Julia :slight_smile: One day I’d love to visit Morocco too and share what you experienced :smiley: Yes Ramadan is a very special time for Muslims and the atmostphere is electric especially in Muslim countires which is what you experienced. You are going to have a great time here learning about Morocco and Islam too :hap:

Welcome to the forums! :welcome:

ur welcome julia … here u’ll find only nice ppl ( apart from a moderator i’ll tell u about her later hhhh jk )
anyway , there r a lot of lessons here in the forum … have a look at them and dont hesitate to ask any question , we r here to help eachother .
about islam , there is a religious section in the forum … so be free to ask for any info u want .
welcome again among us :slight_smile:

Welcome Julia :slight_smile:
Glad you joined us, you’re gonna enjoy your time over here :wink:

(btw, I wanted to ask you sth about a german word, but I’m waiting for another occasion :blush: so hope we’ll meet again on boards)


Hello and welcome Julia/Jamila =)
I hope you’ll spend a pleasant time over here with us

Have a good one & c ya around

welcome juliaaaa who is jamila at the same time :wink: I hope you have a fab time here and get answers to allll the questions on your mind :smiley: do not hesitate to ask us questions, no matter what they are :slight_smile:

take care w enjoooy :ok:

Hiiiiiiiiiiii Julia!

MarHaba bik f l forum dial talamid d darija. :^^:

Hey Julia! Welcome to the forum!

nice ot have u with us!
see you around :slight_smile: