Iftaaaaaaaaaaaaaar ;D

Yeppp, how does everyone have iftar ??
Let me answer my own question, then;
we have dates and either milk or laban, then we have some sort of soup [chorbat 3adas, HARIRA SOMETIMES :stuck_out_tongue: or anything …]
then we all pray maghrib and THEN we come back to the main meal, whatever that may be :hap:

What about everyone elseee ?? :smiley:
Looking forward to some interesting answers so get typing :wink:

Chez moi, there is only iftar, no dinner. Iftar’s main thing is l7rira of course, and there is always the classical: dates, juice, coffee, shbbakiyya and sllou. The extras are what interest me: Mlwi, small pizzas, msmmn m3mmr, khbizat m3mmrin, or just some fried chicken or fish.
Usually I eat one date and take some juice, then l7rira. Then the prayer break, and eating whatever is available. Shbbakiyya and sllou are not my kind of thing during Ramadan, although they are a must to be served :D.

What did you mean by harira? The Moroccan one?

ohhh us tooo, we don’t eat two meals … we just break our fast with all that stuff then pray then eat the meal :smiley: like you guys !!
but by the time i’ve had my chorba, i really can’t eat much else, so i don’t have much of the proper foood :hap:
and yeppp, i mean the moroccan one :slight_smile:

shbbakiyya, sllou, mlwi, msmmn m3mmr ??? :unsure:

Who makes the Moroccan one?
Same here by the way, I love l7rira too much to just have a sip or two. So I figured out it’s better to eat the proper meal first, then get back to l7rira later :D. I also like it when leftover for the next so7or.

awwww wow, that’s clever … my brother keeps refilling his chorba, and then he REAAALLY can’t eat … silly boy :lol:
and i always say [while i’m fasting] that ‘oooooh I’M SO GONNA EAT THIS AT SO7OR’ but when so7or comes, i don’t feel like anything :stuck_out_tongue:
when i fast, whatever i say about food and eating, it’s the tummy talkin’ :wink:
and mama makes the 7arira … she doesn’t only make iraqi dishes, cos we know arabs from all over the world, so there’s a lot of recipe-exchanging with all these ladies, and we get all sorts of fooooood :hap:




Msmmn is almost like lmlwi. The m3mmr one is the staffed one with fried onions, sauce, small slices of meat, and the like. I love it.

[small]Photos found on the World Wide Web.[/small]

oh my, oh my, oh my …
why, thanks, SM, you just made me hungryyyyyyyy :frowning:
LOLLL joke, ma kayn 7ta moshkil [is that right? LOL] :hap:
but they all look sooooooooooo goood … i’m telling mama about this, one day we must have a SM-style moroccan iftar :wink:
msmmn m3mmr sounds SO FREAKIN’ GOOOOOD :blink: wallah … mmmmmmmmmmm licks lips

That’s nice. As I asked Hiba, you too should be posting Iraqi recipes for us to try :ok:.

you’re asking a girl who can hardly get les nouilles right ?? :roll:
just kidding, i’ll get you some cooool ones then, inchallah …
and, just for the record, i CAN get my noodles right … sometimes … rarely … like, once before ??
no, wallah, kidding, i can :lol:

I am making myself hungry first. And look at us poor-creatures-that-can-hardly-finish-their-iftar… we are talking about food during daylight, and in the last 10 days of Ramadan :D. Sinful! Sinful! You said it before, it’s all tummy talk :D.

And oh, did you check THIS thread? Kounouz and Hiba posted their own food photos. Appetizing!

Aha! That’s right. :ok:

Astaghfirullah … Nastaghfirullah :stuck_out_tongue:
:lol: mdr wallah you make me laughhh !!!
dear oh dear, i had a quick look - that does look gooood
our cook hiba, them samosas looked to die for, mmmmm …
i’ll post pictures sooon inchallah :hap:

sellou…aaaaaaah…i did eat it for the very first time with some morrocan friends,they served me this brown thing and i was a bit shocked…LOL… but i took courage and tasted some…it’s gooooood…but they called it slilou…(googling this word i found nothing…) so thank you now it’s all clearer to me…

never eaten it and now i want toooo :smiley:

Here most people eat the main dish before praying elmaghreb unfortunately :no:

We eat dates and drink water first of course…
we don’t drink milk or laban :no:

there are special drinks for Ramadan like

Qamareddine, tamer hindi, kharroob… :smiley:

WE HAVE THATTTT - the orange sweety one right ??
wallah that is sooooo yummy, hiba, LOL, i’m gonna ask mama to make it today, we have visitors over for iftaaaar :hap:
hope everyone is okkk :smiley:

Looool Tukha @ Noodles :d

LOLOLOL, really, i can cook them :unsure:

Me Too :d