Iftaaaaaaaaaaaaaar ;D

favourite flavour? :stuck_out_tongue:
mine is chicken, yummmmm

me too chicken n i started to like the chilli one too :smiley:

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY :slight_smile:
i don’t really like lots of flavours, but curry is OK :hap:

ya :smiley:

yes qamar eddine is orange (color) it it is actually 3aseer mishmish :slight_smile: peach juice

that’s exactly what it is - and what else is it ?? i’ll say - YUMMYYYYYYYYYY !!! :hap:

yes of course :D;)

ya 9amar eddine is a very tasy juice

are u sure its peach not apricot?

I mean apricot sorry… :lol:
thank you marocrulz :wink:

Qamar eddine… Just the name of it is… yay!
You girls should invite me to Jordan or UK. I am so hungry right now. Astaghfirullah, let’s stop complaining ^_^.

ohhh, is it apricot ?? well, i don’t know - it’s yummy :hap:
and SM, ahla wsahla feeeek (WITHOUT THE ‘I’ ENDING ;)) come and i’ll make you (well, mmm, mama will LOL) whatever you want :lol:

[quote=Hiba]I mean apricot sorry… :lol:
thank you marocrulz ;)[/quote]