I would like to introduce myself

Peace be unto you!

My name is Sulayman and I am from America. I have been to Morocco several times for vacation and just loved it. I have studied Arabic for about 16 years now. I desire to pursue my graduate research in Morocco beginning this August, God willing. So I am trying to learn the Moroccan Dialect.

It is extremely difficult. However, I love the accent and the way it sounds, so I am going to try my best to learn it. A friend of mine actually told me about this forum and the other site for learning vocabulary. Thank you so much for this exposure to such a beautiful language and culture. May God continue to bless you.

Salam Sulayman :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum, and welcome to Morocco.


Welcome aboard Sulayman :).
We are glad your friend sent you here, and I hope that we’ll see you around active asking Darija questions. You should start practicing by now! Getting familiar with Darija will be just a matter of practice as you already know fos7a. You can count on us for anything related to Darija or Morocco, just ask away.
See you around.

merhba bik chez toi

Wa 3laykum Salaam yaa Sulayman

I am so glad you came to join the fun! I have enjoyed it immensely thus far. Don’t forget to do the vocab - word a day. Let’s do some of the exercises as well. Ready to jump right in?

Khtek Sara

Thanks everyone for such a warm welcome. Miss Sara thank you for referring me to this site and forum. I have been looking around and I am going to love interacting with other participants. God willing I will learn a lot.


Akh Sulayman

Oh, by the way - I must say Great Picture - SimplyMoroccan

Thank you Sulayman. I love the avatar too, I think I am going to stick to it :).
Sara and Sulayman, if you guys want to start some practice thread over the exercises forum, please do. I’ll be glad to assist you and correct you.

Akh Sulayman[/quote]
Akhi Sulayman: Ta3allom darija maghribia wa kalam 3arabi Yatattalab kalimat aktar min IBN…
[color=#5050AF]Ahlan bika fi dareka[/color]

Marhaba bikum oo Ana Ferhan Bash nt3llem Darijah L-Maghrabiyah m3km.

salamun 3laykum