I would absolutely love to learn this language

Hello everyone ;), My name is Evie. Sometime ago I met this wonderful girl who is now a very good friend of mine. Her name is Samia and she is Moroccan. She was who inspired me to search about the culture and language, so here I am. I love learning about other cultures but have never been so interested in learning a language as I am about this language. I actually took her with me on a mini vacation to Puerto Rico and she loved it. We had alot of fun!! She’s taken me to Arabic places in New York and I absolutely love it as well!! Well I’m excited to learn from this site and surprise her and make new web friends through my journey!! I speak English and Spanish, and I love to eat!!(that was random…LOL…) I just signed in today so I’ll be fixing my profile as soon as I get some free time!! :ok:

By the way, I send her a message with a few things I learned from this site and this was her response: " enty elbeba dayaly wetanmooot feek ya ahla sadika fe donia" and then “ana labas wenty” would anyone please translate this for me?.. and one more word, “tagin”…

Hello Evie, and welcome to the forum :).
I see that you don’t need my help anymore to show you how to post, since you figured out on your own. It’s easy, you just go to the sub forum of your choice, and click on “create a new topic”. And to answer here, you click on “reply”. You’ll get used to it.

Next time, you should post a separate topic for a translation request in the translation forum over here.

Elbeba is certainly meant to be l7biba = sweetheart, darling, dear one, my dear. So both sentences are addressed to a girl and mean:
“You’re my dear one, and I love you so much, my best friend (f) in the world”.
“I am fine, and you (f.s)?”

Tajine/tagin is this:

Hi!! Thank you so much for you warm welcoming. I snooped around and found my way!! Thanks for the translation. I absolutely love this website!! :ok:

mr7ba bik EvieD !


Mer7ba bik Evied!
hope u enjoy this site!
see you around!