I speak some Tahl7ît

Snn7 i imîk n tshl7ît.

I’d like to know how many of you speak a little bit of Tashl7it already, to have a small exercise of Berber translation for you.
So, who’s interested to join in?

I’m interested but i don’t speak tashl7it… :unsure:
but I’ll try to learn…:slight_smile:

ummm, i am :slight_smile: even if i don’t know much.

Okay, so azul… manzakemin outchma SM ? i was told manzakmin is soussi way of saying how are you to a female so correct me if it sounds wrong to you.

nek dar portablenu :stuck_out_tongue: < i know i know it’s baaaaaad =/

Corrections are MORE than welcome.

Souss is the region where Agadir is located. So I am Sousiyya shl7a ;).

I was meant to tell you this before: We don’t say outchma in my region, we say oultma.

Did you mean that you were at your laptop’s or near it? If yes, then your sentence is correct. :slight_smile:

So yes, I started a very basic easy exercise over here.

yayy my sentence actually made sense :smiley: well sort of. i meant i’m by my laptop yes.

Okay it’s Oultma in souss and gma for brother, no?

i’m also astonished at the accent and word variations within berber itself :S like learning darja wasn’t hard enough now i have to learn the different dialect variations in berber :stuck_out_tongue: oh well, what more interesting explorations could i want :smiley:

thx SM, once again for enlightening me there.

Great :).
To make your sentence more correct, you should say: Lli7 dar lportablenu.
Lli7 means= I am at.
Nek is just a personal prunoun standing on its own.


I am sure Turkish has all its variations as well ;). You’ll get through that inshallah. You got loads of motivation, I like that :).

Okay, so Lli7 dar portlablenu. Nice.

Inshallah gradually i will be getting better, i just need to sit and actually STUDY grammar and verbs etc. I think i will start once uni starts so i will be in study mode :hap:

Shukran 3la kulchi a lmu3allima dialna xD

Azul SM
would you give us a new easy sentence to translate?

Saha bzav :slight_smile:

Yes pretty please :hap: :stuck_out_tongue:

Tafoukt, it seems as if we were alone here…

everybody on holidays ? … peep out … please…

I guess so :hm: but hopefully they’ll come back after the holidays :^^:

… so we are the only poor creatures still being at home and going to work???..:cry: ?

I am also one of those poor creatures, i’m back at uni =((((((((((

Azul flawn (sp?)

I’ve one week left of my summerbreak then i’m back in high school again :frowning:

I don’t think there’s any right way how to spell it :unsure:

I guess you’re back at school by now, since we have to keep the thread relevant, what is school in tshl7it i wonder??

Yes, unfortunetaly i am :/. Haha i don’t know we say ‘madrasa’ but that’s arabic so we must’ve borrowed it from the Arabic. Maybe there is a tachelhit word for it :unsure:

yes madrasa is arabic… hmmm there’s ecole which is too frenchy… between arabic and french what do we choose? ARABIC OF COURSE


Salam everyone ! Long time no see lalla Aicha :stuck_out_tongue: ! I decided to see what’s goin on the forum and run into this thred with qn of What’s Madrasa in Tachlhit ?

Hmm well I personally say “lmadrassa " some say " lmdarsst” others " skwila" as the Spanish ppl call it ! But there must be another original lost term which isn’t used anymore !

thanks for the info braza abdo :slight_smile: