i love Morocco!

my greatest dream is to speak arabic and to live in Morocco.

Welcome to the forum!
Where do u want to live in Morocco?

Mar7ba bik donny ! :welcome:

welcome donny !!
& wow, you’re just like meee
same dreams xD xD
inchallah they’ll come trueee !!
with the help of the lovely people of this forum :wink:

heheh same here buddyyy =) well firstly you need to learn the language by practicing and speaking with fellow moroccans, which u can do on this forum, and maybe download a file called ‘Peace Corpse Moroccan Language’ so you can leanr the grammar rules etc.

Mar7ba bik donny ! :slight_smile:

Ola Donny. Como vai você? :wink:
If you are as motivated as Elise, Onc’Kamel, Marilyn, Kounouz and many other members of ours, you’ll certainly progress with us. Just start learning on your own and come with your questions.
See you around!

i wanna learn darija!

we r here ! Just ask questions !!

And do exercises and a language games.