I just married a Morrocan man and would love to learn the language.

I just married a Morrocan man and would love to learn the language. I love his family so much but cannot communicate with them other than a few words here and there. Also, I would love to chat with his friends and get to know them too.
Is there anyway translation site? I like instand translation. Wellah, I try so hard to understand all those numbers and letter when chatting and I cannot make anything of it.
Thank you so much for the help.

Welcome to the SpeakMoroccan, Faical’s Girl :).
For translation requests, you can just post in the Darija translation forum. Take it easy on learning, you’ll get there. You can read on the forum posts from all those amazing people who learn Darija, and they are doing pretty well. If they could, so can you.
See you around ;).

hey faical’s girl!
Mer7ba bik!
see u around!

Salam and welcome! Mabrouk on the marriage!


mr7ba bik Faical’sGirl !


and mabruk :smiley:

salam and welcome to this site

I have just recently joined myself and it truly has amazing people on this site.

I will inshallah be marrying a moroccan man soon myself, i am a british pakistani girl what about you/
I am also learning darija, i love it.

I would love if you shared with me your beautiful story, i have soo many questions

hello:) and welcome!
my husband is Moroccan as well, we’ve been married for almost 2 yrs now, Alhamdulillah, and we have a beautiful 3 month old baby:) Im from Kazakhstan but we met and live in US. My advice - listen to your husband when he talks to his friends and you will learn much faster! When my husband talks to his cousins I can always find out what are they talking about, I might not understand evert:)


mbrouk 3lik (congratulations) for the mariage
it’s very good to want to learn daridja


mbrouk 3lik (congratulations) for the mariage and the baby
it’s very good to want to learn daridja[/quote]
Hey, I think that you’re mixing up two members, unless if your message was meant to be for he last poster, Asiem :).

The thread starter, Faical’sGirl, just got married. While the last poster, Asiem, is married for 2 years and just had a beautiful baby boy.

exact :^^:

Thank you all for the congratulations! My husband is still in Morocco. I am headed there on the 5th of May. I love that time together and being surrounded by my new family there. I love to listen to those around me and you are right, I learn faster that way. Hugs to alll!!