i found...........

two darija related books in my uni’s library… i was like waaaaa33333 when i saw them… that is so awesome…one is Harrel’s grammar book and the other is in french

it’s so weird.

but honestly…


i don’t think i’ll be bothered reading them :S

very interesting 3icha haha but honestly wid books ders a limit to how much u can learn compared to writing, speaking etc :stuck_out_tongue:

i definitely agree mini!

i took spanish for three years in high school
i cant speak spanish or keep a conversation, i know a few sentences and some body parts and random words
other than that, nothing!

writing, speaking with people, and learning from mistakes is the best way to learn a language
with some help with books, but you can do without 'em

Coolio u took Spanish u lucky thing? But yeah no wat u mean I took Spanish 4 a year and at da tym I was pretty good but now I’ve 4gotten most of it which is heartbreaking :’(

i really liked it and i wasnt bad either, except the teacher who just gave us lots of work to do in the book and nothing else :confused:
i’ve never forgotten to conjugate verbs because she drilled it into our heads, but i suck at positive and negative commands!
but right now, im trying to improve my darija, then learn french and fos7a and whatever else im in the mood for :stuck_out_tongue:

I TOTALLLYY AGREE girls… i reckon the bestestestest way to learn a language is practicing, and listening to songs in that language wellahi billah :smiley: books are just bonus

I’m wid ya mimi for me its Darija, hopefully ill pick up a lot more wen I go Algeria this summer inshallah and as 4 Fos7a I’m good wid dat so dats ok but I doubt ill learn french coz I dnt like the language 4 moi its Spanish I HAVE 2 be fluent in da lang I have 2 :smiley:

haha so true! i learn so many new words from music and especially nokats :stuck_out_tongue:
plus its funny singing them around people that dont understand it and they just look at you funny :smiley:

@ mini: inchallah (: i really want to learn before i go to morocco next summer!
im sure, inchallah, you’ll be able to speak spanish. you seem quite determined (:

Yup inshallah we’ll both be fluent…someday :wink:
And yup I sure am, let’s hope it pays off :hap:

good luck girls, you don’t have much time so get a move on :wink:

for me, i wanna be fluent by next year in teh following: fos7a, darija, french, advanced advanced turkish, farsi, be at an OK level in any Berber dialect, start learning hebrew, spanish, maybe german and other languages… but i deffo need to be good in arabic and french by next year or else … :frowning:

my bro told his boss and work mates that i speak 7 languages :open_mouth: so i gotta make that true :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Wo-oah some1s ambitious! Berber? Interestin but dats a mighty task ur settin urself :wink: u btta get a move on b4 u grow older coz its ust gonna get harder :hm: just continiously start watchin arab and french tv believe me it helps :wink:

mmmmm yeah i think i’ll have to really give an arm and leg to be where i wanna be, nchallah khayr.

Sacrifices hun sacrifices…it just has 2 be done :wink:

good luck lalla (:
if you ever get berber down before i get to it, let me know (;

U 2 are ambitious :smiley: 4 me ders no point at all learning since nooooo one around me speaks it but I guess mimi ders a point u learning it since ur mums of beber origin sa7? :stuck_out_tongue:

well trying to learn a new language will possibly help you make new friends who know to speak the language
i may not know anybody who speaks greek, but that doesnt mean i have no reason to learn it, but i understand what your getting at mini (:

yes, my mom is chel7a, 100%
i’m hoping to learn it from her inchallah, but sometimes she can be a horrible teacher lol :roll:

yes girls it’s all about sacrifices and the effort, and of course a smashing memory… which i lack cough :wink:

nchallah the 3 of us will get to the positions we dream of :wink:

Inshallah inshallah thumma ameen :slight_smile:

inchallah :hap:

there’s a arabic saying that a moroccan friend told me
goes something like this: ‘ignorant is one who doesn’t know more than one language’

what do you guys think of this?

awww man im ignorant damn it :hm: well learning more than one languauge just makes u more versatile and its of great benefit if you do, so more languages i say! hehe as Khalil Gibran would say:

Advance, and never halt, for advancing is perfection. Advance and do not fear the thorns in the path, for they draw only corrupt blood

so advance my friends advance :wink: