I am... I am not...

This is a game that goes like the “I like/I don’t like” game, but this time it will be about what you are and what you are not ;).

Let’s start:

I am Moroccan.

I’m not a boy

@SimplyMoroccan you start a french version too of this game :wink:

Of course :).

I am mostly shy. :blush:

I’m not hungry ( I just finished my diner :stuck_out_tongue: )

I’m optimistic :wink:

i am shel7a.:cool:

I am not Fat :hap:

I’m old

I’m not ready

I am a massage therapist

I am not full…

I’m very hesitant

I’m not hungry

I’m a boy !!

Im not working today

I’m going to beach today

I am not short of ideas.

I’m bored

Im not feeling good

I am okay.