I am artie

?? ???
I’m artie from International Forum. I got here from meriem (devanymfix). Hello. What is this place? Something about Morocco?


Hi artie, you don’t know where you landed? :^^:
Let me guide you, look up at the title, do you see it? Yes, there it is: Speak Moroccan Forums. You safely arrived to the forums for Moroccan Arabic, Darija. :smiley:

Are you learning Darija? I hope that you’ll find this place useful.

See you around.

mr7ba bik artie ! labass, wenti ?


But you didn’t know what kind of forum this is

haha nuwara u killed it with the second emoticon xD

WELCOME ARTIE, no matter what kinda place this is i guarantee you’ll love it. :smiley:

Hey ARTie!
MEr7ba bik!
this forum is all about learning the moroccan dialect (darija)
Im sure ull like it!